13 Clothing Mistakes Men Make That Spoil Their Look

Contrary to popular belief, men are no less interested in fashion than women and they spend even more money on clothing than ladies do. A survey says that the difference in costs is around $10 per month. You might think that this is immaterial until you realize that it adds up to 120 bucks a year.

We, at Bright Side, permanently follow trends and now we have something to suggest to you. Here is a list of the most common mistakes that men make with their style. It should help you to always be on top.

1. Wearing suspenders together with a belt

This classic style of clothing has returned to fashion. That’s why the first piece of advice for today has something to do with button-down shirts: this item looks better if you only wear suspenders or a belt. It’s up to you to decide which one to choose. But don’t wear them at the same time, this is not stylish.

2. Wearing a jacket that is shorter than your coat

A coat is a universal item in a man’s wardrobe. Casual, classic, and even retro — it fits any style. But there is one important thing. Try not to wear a coat that is shorter than your jacket. It can ruin your whole look.

3. Combining a backpack with your classic jacket

In the 21st century, fashion allows us to combine clothes in different styles. But a classic jacket, plus a backpack, is not the best combo. It is better to choose a laptop bag instead.

4. Wearing a broken watch

There is an important meeting this week where you need to appear in all your glory. But your expensive watch stops running on that day. Many men still wear them even if they’re broken. But this is a big mistake, as people might think that you bought it on AliExpress.

5. Making your tie too short

Despite the fact that this rule is well-known, sometimes men neglect it. When you wear a tie, remember that it should not be too short or too long. There is a general rule: the tip of the tie should just cover the belt buckle.

6. Wearing your sunglasses on your head

We can’t say that if you put sunglasses on your head, it will look bad, but it will definitely ruin your hairstyle. Moreover, if your head is too oval — this will emphasize it. Put your sunglasses in your breast pocket or hang them on your shirt. This looks much more stylish!

7. Training in thermal pants without something over them

Thermal underwear should be considered a first layer in all cases and with no exceptions. For example, you can choose shorts or sweatpants to wear over them. This isn’t just a matter of fashion, but also etiquette.

8. Keeping paper money and coins in your pockets

Carrying cash in your pockets is a bad idea. Buy a leather wallet — this is a must for any stylish man! It’s also a very practical thing. Wallets don’t just hold money, but also bank cards and your driver’s license. Would you like to know how to choose a decent wallet?

9. Fastening the top button on your shirt

If you want to catch a women’s attention, don’t fasten the top button on your shirt. It will make you look more handsome! But it’s important to not overdo it. Some men also leave the second and even third ones unbuttoned. If you are not at a nightclub, this can look too vulgar and inappropriate. There are also some cases where you can still fasten the top button. Find out more about it here!

10. Putting items in your jean pockets

We have already talked about backpacks, wallets, and tablet bags. Now, one more tip about them: Don’t forget to put all your personal belongings in there. Never shove your wallet, keys, phone, and earpods into your pockets, especially if you are wearing tight jeans. It looks tacky.

11. Ignoring the length of your sleeves

The sleeves on your jacket or your sweatshirt should end right above the top of your wrist. Some cunning retail associates will try to convince you otherwise, but usually they are just trying to make more money.

12. Tucking a t-shirt into your sweatpants

We suggest that you not tuck your T-shirt into your sweatpants. First, you’ll be able to see the drawstring and this looks untidy. Second, your T-shirt will definitely become crumpled.

In addition, you should know how to correctly determine the appropriate length for your T-shirt. Just mentally draw a line along the edge of the T-shirt. If it falls at the middle of your forearm, you have made the right choice!

13. Wearing shirts that are too big for you

Today oversized clothing is still in fashion. But it’s better to not apply this rule to classic shirts. Check if it fits your shoulders well. And if you are not in the store yet, then you can even take some measurements and find out your exact size. A properly chosen shirt can emphasize the dignity of your stature!

What other rules for men’s style do you follow? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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