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13 Repair Tricks From Our Grandfathers That Are Still Relevant Today

Before the days of the Internet, we turned to our inventive grandfathers for fix-it help since they could easily and quickly solve just about any house problem. They also shared their life hacks with their relatives, neighbors, and colleagues so they could be passed down for generations.

Bright Side is amazed by how inventive our ancestors were. We have collected some epic life hacks that can be useful to anyone planning to fix something at home.

1. You can quickly and easily sharpen your scissors if you cut sandpaper with them.

2. To remove a screw more easily, heat it up with a soldering iron first.

3. A wooden drawer will be easier to open if you rub it with soap.

4. A nail will fit better if you hammer it at an angle in the direction of the wood fiber.

5. To fix a nail in plaster, keep it in salt water for some time first.

6. Rub a screw with soap to screw it into the wood more easily.

7. You can collect dropped screws using paper and a magnet.

8. To cut rubber with a knife more easily, rub the blade with soap.

9. Wrap a glue package top with sandpaper to open it easier.

10. Put a rubber tube on a screwdriver to make sure you don't drop small screws in the process.

11. When using a drill, put a box under it to collect the dust.

12. If you don't have the wrench you need, you can remove a screw by wringing two files.

13. To remove a nut more easily, put a tube on the wrench.

Bonus: How to remove a dent from wood

If you accidentally damage some furniture leaving a dent in it, there is a way to restore it back to normal. You will need an iron, a paper towel, and some water. Put a little water on the area (enough to cover the dent) and cover it with a paper towel. Then, use the iron at its highest temperature and hold it over the dent until the towel is completely dry. This should make the dent disappear. You might still see an outline of the damage afterward but you can use a piece of sandpaper to smooth it out.

What repair tricks do you use around the house? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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