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13 Things We Can’t Skimp Out on Even If We Really Want To

Being moderately thrifty is great, but it doesn’t always lead to the results you want. Before you cut down on your expenses, you need to make sure that it won’t lead to an increase in expenses in the future. You don’t want to pay for the same thing twice.

We at Bright Side think that we should be more responsible about the things we buy, so we made a list of things you definitely should not skimp out on.

1. Tights

Cheap tights are easy to see from a distance: they reflect the light a lot, there are lines on them, and the seams are visible even from under clothing. They can ruin the look of a beautiful woman very fast.

The manufacturers of more expensive tights promise women that they will make them forget about all their figure problems and enjoy an added bonus: because of how thick the fabric is on these tights, they hold their shape better, making the legs look more beautiful.

2. Sports bras

People often attribute the name sports bra to things that are not sports bras. Soft pieces of cloth with straps are not able to do what a sports bra is supposed to do. A sports bra is supposed to support the breasts, limiting them from motion, and keeping them from stretching. For this, the breasts need to be as protected as possible, so, the more intense an activity is, the more enclosed the bra should be.

This is the recipe for a good sports bra:

  • It’s made of thick multi-layered fabric that doesn’t stretch well.
  • It absorbs sweat well and dries fast.
  • It has wide non-elastic straps.
  • It supports the breasts with a strap under them.
  • It has to be fairly expensive.

3. Tires

High-quality tires have to be made from caoutchouc (or unvulcanized natural rubber). This material increases the traction with the road, it reduces the stopping distance in emergency situations, improves control, and reduces noise. In order to produce cheap tires, manufacturers use synthetic mixes that don’t have these important features. Besides, cheap tires become unusable very fast.

Depending on the price and quality, you can use them from 40,000 to 128,000 km (25,000 to 80,000 mi). If you are buying a used car or used tires, you shouldn’t continue using them after 6 years.

4. Kitchen knives

Good knives feel great in your hand, they are nice to cut with, they are easy to wash, and they look great. These knives don’t need to be sharpened almost at all and you will never have a situation where a knife tears something rather than cuts it. And because they are made of better materials, you will never see a broken tip of the blade. For everyday use, you only need 4 basic kitchen knives: a chef’s knife, a paring knife, a serrated utility knife, and a boning knife.

5. Dishwashing detergents

No matter how much water you use, just a drop of the dishwashing detergent will still remain on the surface and end up in the food. This is why you should review the ingredients very carefully. It is important that there are no artificial favor additives and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid which allows the detergent to make a lot of foam.

Besides, cheaper detergents contain very little of the actual washing agent and a lot of water. So, in order to get good results, you need a lot of the detergent on your sponge, which in the long term will cost you even more.

6. Vacations

In order to work well, you need to rest well. Many people don’t go on vacations for years because it’s one week or even 2 (!) without income. In order to end this, you need to do all you can to put some money aside every month. In one year, you will have just enough money to have a great vacation.

In any case, don’t spend all your waking moments working. Rest in order to increase your productivity. When you have a 2 day break — take it, you give yourself time to reload and you’ll work more efficiently.

7. Perfumes

Many women cheap out on perfumes and buy the fakes of famous brands. But this way, you don’t actually save a lot of money because cheap perfumes don’t last long and you will have to put on more and more in order to even smell. And a 100 ml perfume bottle can last for about 800 sprays, so high-quality perfumes will last a long time.

8. Pillows

It was proven that pillows with feathers can cause allergic reactions. So, it’s time to forget about them and try some more modern fillers like bamboo fabric, hollow fiber, latex, and memory foam.

The choice of the pillow depends on the position you sleep in:

  • On your back — you need a 3.5-4 in pillow, medium firm.
  • On your side — you need a high and firm pillow that fills the space between the shoulders and the ears and gives good neck support.
  • On your belly — you need a soft, almost flat 2.5-3 in pillow.
  • You turn all the time — choose a universal pillow, medium height ( 3.5-4 in), but still soft enough for it to take any needed shape.

9. Office chairs

If you are sitting in the wrong position, the load on your back is about 40% higher than normal. In order to reduce the risk of unpleasant consequences, you need to choose a high-quality office chair that takes your individual features into account. Good office chairs have adjustable heights and their wheels don’t rotate in any direction, in order to maintain stability. Armrests and headrests are also vital in order for it to be comfortable and perform well.

10. Wallets

This accessory says a lot about women. Something old and dirty that’s peeling can never make a good impression about the owner, no matter how stylish her clothes are. Don’t be cheap about your wallet, because a high-quality one will last for a long time and demonstrate your status to other people.

11. Headphones

Low-quality headphones are not able to block out the outside noise and the low frequencies are not heard well. These 2 factors make the manufacturers produce cheaper devices with very high default volume which can have negative consequences for your hearing. The headphones that you can place on top of your head are safer than the small ones because the former have some room between the music and the ear canal which helps you avoid a lot of damage to the ear.

12. Sunglasses

Low-quality sunglasses can harm your eyes: when they are covered with dark film, the pupils will open and more ultraviolet will get into the retina, destroying it. This is why the glasses should be UV400, which means that they protect the eyes from the ultraviolet light with an average length of light waves.

You should only trust this UV400 rating if you buy your glasses in a brand name store or a good medical facility — watch out for fakes. By the way, the bigger the glasses, the less harm you will have from the sun. Think about buying the glasses that have round edges — they will protect the eyes from the UV-light that comes in from the sides.

13. Umbrellas

Bubble umbrellas are the best at protecting you from the rain — you don’t need to hold them at different angles in order to remain dry and they won’t turn inside-out even if the wind is very strong. Among the regular umbrellas, there are enhanced versions with double-layered fabrics that prevent the umbrella from going inside-out. Of course, these umbrellas will cost more than regular ones.

Your psychological health is far more important than money, so buy things that won’t bring you trouble. And what are the things you are not ready to skimp out on?

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