14 Awesome Camping Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

When it's warm outside, you want to drop whatever you're doing, head out to the country with your friends or family, and enjoy all the beauty and freshness the season has to offer.

However, if the idea of parting with the creature comforts of home doesn't really appeal to you, here are some helpful hints to make camping a complete pleasure.

Prepare batter for pancakes at home, and fill small baggies with it. At your campsite, simply squeeze the batter into the hot frying pan.

If you don't have a cooler bag, it is better to eat the pancakes during the first day of the trip. Click here for more details.

To make sure there are no mites on your pants, grab your lint roller and run it over your clothing.

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At home, crack eggs and put their contents into a bottle. Using this trick, eggs will stay fresh all day long without requiring refrigeration.

Instead of carrying a whole tube of toothpaste when camping, prepare your own toothpaste dots. Allow those dots to harden, and then transfer them to a small waterproof bag.

Find out more about this clever trick here.

Rubbing some wax or paraffin all over your shoes can effectively prevent them from getting wet.

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If you want to take your razor with you, use a binder clip to protect it.

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Use a cotton ball impregnated with Vaseline as a perfect fire starter.

Learn how to make them here.

When camping with the family, put your shoes in a basket to prevent insects from getting into them.

Here you can find even more awesome hacks for organized camping.

This handwashing station will help you keep your hands clean even at a campsite.

Here are the instructions on how to make it.

Kids and camping – two words that can strike fear into a parent. To make camping with children fun and easy, make a bag with a list of things they need to find during the trip.

Of course, you shouldn't include such things as glass on the list. Let your kids search for safe natural objects like small branches or unusual leaves.

Read here what else can be included on the list of your kids' forest finds.

A transparent shoe organizer is definitely one of camping's greatest essentials.

We found this great idea here.

Use cupcake liners or a piece of foil to protect your drinks from insects.

Click here for more details.

If the trees near your campsite lack branches for hanging your things, make a hanger yourself.

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An ordinary plastic container can keep your toilet paper dry and clean.

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