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14 completely unexpected uses for plastic food wrap

Plastic food wrap is a simple invention that nevertheless does its principal job perfectly well. But it turns out that it also has many useful functions at home that lots of people have never even guessed.

We at Bright Side have found quite a few little-known ways you can make additional use of this product - for all those who are looking for some innovation and greater convenience in their lives.

Keeping bananas fresh

To help bananas keep their color and the required amount of moisture, just cover the stems in food wrap. That way, they'll stay as fresh and tasty as the day you bought them.

Beauty treatment

Virtually any cleansing face mask will work even more effectively if you place some food wrap over the top of the cream after you've applied it to your face.

The ideal no-spill cup

Cover a glass filled with liquid with some food wrap and pierce it with a straw to make the ideal no-spill cup - one that will be perfect if you need to drink when exercising, for example. Seriously - there's no way you can spill anything with this method!

Creative fun for your kids

Food wrap provides an excellent way for your kids to paint pictures without getting their hands dirty. Just put some paint on a piece of cardboard, cover it with food wrap, and their creative little hands will do the rest.

A fruit trap for flies

To get rid of flies at home, chop up a few pieces of fruit, place them in a bowl, and then cover it with a piece of food wrap. Then make a small cut in its surface using a knife. No more irritating buzzing in your ear!

A fresh bouquet

If you wrap the stems of flowers first in wet tissue paper or fabric and then in a layer of food wrap, your bouquet will stay fresh for a lot longer until it's placed in water.

Making moving to a new home much easier

Instead of having to remove the entire contents of a chest of drawers or cupboard when moving house, you can simply wrap it up in layers of food wrap. That way nothing inside will fall to pieces or come undone, and everything will reach its new destination intact - and can be easily opened just as it was.

The best way to make poached eggs

Food wrap also presents a superbly easy way to make poached eggs: simply cover a saucer with the wrap, grease it with vegetable oil, crack the egg and pour the contents on top, and fold over the plastic wrap. Now place the bundle in some boiling water for three minutes.

A great trick for decorating at home

If you're busy decorating your house and need to take a break, to prevent the paint roller from drying out just cover it in some food wrap. You can do the same with paintbrushes.

A clean refrigerator

Cover the shelves of your refrigerator with plastic food wrap and keeping it clean will be a whole lot easier. Even if, say, an egg gets smashed and spills everywhere, all you need to do is remove the piece of food wrap and replace it with another one.

No spills from your toiletries

Everyone worries that their shampoo and other liquids might spill everywhere inside their suitcase. Here's a simple way to prevent this: remove the bottle cap, cover the neck of the bottle with food wrap, and then replace the cap.

A miniature greenhouse

To help any kind of seed sprout and begin to grow, all you need to do is cover the pot over with plastic wrap once it's been watered. This will prevent the soil and plants from drying out, allowing them to grow faster.

Homemade sausages

You can turn any minced meat into tasty sausages with the help of some food wrap.

Savoring the taste of wine

If you want to save some wine for later, all you need to do is transfer it to a glass with the help of some food wrap, then cover over the neck with the same piece. This way, there's no cork to soak up the taste and aroma - the wine will still taste fresh when you want to drink it.

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