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14 Cool Cosmetic Products You Can Make Instead of Buying

It often happens that a body cream somehow frightens us with its strange ingredients, like phenoxyethanol, and natural creams can be unreasonably expensive. But that's no longer a problem: there are a lot of cosmetic products we can make ourselves out of ingredients we have at home or can find in a supermarket.

Bright Side found for you some recipes which will be useful for your skin. It's time to make them, isn't it? Summer's waiting for our perfect skin.

Soothing calendula lip balm

Click here and read how to make this wonderful balm yourself.

Lemon sugar face scrub

This scrub's made of useful goodies that can fight both acne and wrinkles. Click for this amazing recipe.

Epsom salt foot scrub

This scrub makes feet soft, good-looking, and also helps to get rid of unpleasant smells. By the way, if you make one pot you'll have enough scrub for a year. Like it? Click here.

Ubtan - Indian skin care powder

This Indian powder works on the delicate facial skin to get rid of unpleasant defects such as pimples, age spots, and wrinkles. You can find the necessary components in any pharmacy.

Soothing lavender face mask

The scent of lavender helps to calm you down, while the other components remove wrinkles from your skin and make it clean. It's better to apply the mask before you go to sleep. Here's a tutorial for you.

Banana sugar scrub

This delicious scrub removes dead skin, moisturizes, and rejuvenates the skin. See the detailed tutorial here.

Makeup remover from paper towels

You can make pretty long-lasting makeup remover wipes out of a roll of paper towels. All natural and no damage to your skin. See the detailed guide here.

15-minute whipped body butter

This amazingly delicate body butter will soften and soothe your skin. See the tutorial in this article.

Cooling shower jellies

Shower jellies can cool an exhausted body after a hard working day, soothe your skin, and help you to relax. It doesn't take much time to make it.

Light sunscreen

This cream protects from sunlight, moisturizes, and nourishes the skin. See here for how to make it.

Strengthening shampoo with natural oils

The natural oils in this shampoo help your hair grow faster and stronger. You can add any oil depending on your hair type. The instruction lies here.

Natural dry shampoo

The perfect thing for when you don't have time to wash your hair. No toxic substances, only the ingredients you have at home. Click here and see the magic.

Hair growth essential oil

This product is made from natural oils to help hair become healthy and strong. Find the instructions in this article.

Cuticle oil

This oil strengthens the nails, softens the cuticles, and heals hands after a manicure. Follow the recipe if you like it.

Solid perfumes

Such perfumes are easy to make, store, and carry everywhere. And an important thing is that you can choose the perfect scent for you, or create a unique blend. Click to see the article and enjoy.

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