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14 Creative Ideas to Give Your Boring Clothes New Life

It’s quite easy to solve the ‘nothing to wear’ problem. Look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes and try to imagine which pieces of clothing can be made more interesting or transformed into something dramatically different and creative.

Bright Side collected these 14 ideas that you will definitely find useful for sunny summer days.

1. Let’s add some bright colors to a white T-shirt.

2. Transform summer shorts using lace.

3. Or you can decorate its rear pocket using a sequin ribbon.

4. A lovely idea for a cropped sweatshirt.

5. Use a stamp to make a T-shirt with a cat (or any other) print.

6. An interesting and simple idea for a summer T-shirt.

7. Decorate your jeans with a nice pattern using a stencil and spray paint.

8. Make your boring shoes elegant by adding a lovely color transition.

9. Jeans and lace.

10. A creative collar decoration made from old disks.

11. You can revive your old skirt using some rhinestones.

12. A T-shirt with a cutout back.

13. A skirt can be a light and comfortable dress.

14. Remake an old pair of white sneakers into a party hit

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