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14 Household Hacks Than Can Bring You Many Benefits

To prevent household chores from occupying all of your free time, it’s worth noting some useful pieces of advice that the internet community is sharing on the web. For example, you can learn how to fix broken eye shadows or how to make a remote control work with only one battery.

Bright Side has compiled a set of proven methods that internet users have already checked by themselves.

14. How to make your clothes snow-white

Try adding several tablets of aspirin to your washing machine when washing whites — it will even return the whiteness to old clothes. Also, if you leave your clothes soaking in aspirin for a while before you wash, the results may amaze you.

13. How to prevent clothes from creasing

To prevent your clothes from creasing when traveling, when packing, wrap them with tissue paper, and fold them normally.

12. How to fix broken eye shadows

Don’t rush to the garbage bin if you were unlucky and broke your favorite eye shadow. Instead, pour some rubbing alcohol into the container with the broken eye shadow, smooth it out with the help of a spoon or your finger, wait until the mixture hardens and there you go — your newly fixed eyeshadow.

11. How to remove scuffs from patent leather

Add one tablespoon of vinegar to a glass of water and wipe your shoes with this mixture. This trick will help get rid of scuffs on patent leather.

10. How to mix products in a blender quickly and evenly

First, place liquid ingredients into the blender, next — add everything else. The liquid will form a funnel, pull the solid particles down, and this will make all the ingredients blend evenly.

9. How to make your home plants blossom more often

Water your plants with the water left over from boiling potatoes or pasta. The nutrients that this water contains will help plants grow faster and blossom more often.

8. How to quickly find a needed item in a pencil box

Wrap the pens and pencils that you use most often with an elastic band. It will help you find them faster.

7. How to hang things using adhesive tape

Stick the tape to the item you are going to hang, mark the distance, unstick the tape and affix it to the wall. Nail the marks that you got and peel off the tape.

6. 3 methods for how to tie a tie

5. How to keep a cut avocado fresh

Place the avocado and a piece of onion in the same container. The author of this method asserts that the onion won’t spoil the smell or the taste of the avocado. Instead, it will help to keep avocado fresh.

4. How to get rid of bad smells at home

Probably one of the most pleasant ways to get rid of the strong smell of fried products in the kitchen is to bake cookies. Additionally, if you use vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, or nutmeg in the process of cooking, these ingredients will create pleasant, sweet aromas that will overpower all other smells.

3. How to make your fridge smell good

Used tea bags placed in your refrigerator can help get rid of all the unpleasant smells.

2. How to make your remote control work with only one battery

Remote controls typically have slot for 2 batteries. But if you have only one battery left you can use the following trick to keep it working — get a paperclip, unfold it leaving a loop at one of the ends, and place the clip in instead of the missing battery so that it can complete the circuit. Now you won’t have to run to the store searching for new batteries in the middle of the night.

1. How to peel an orange

For this trick, you will need a sharp knife and a shallow spoon. Cut off rough patches of the peel on the top and bottom sides of the orange, make a long cut connecting the top and the bottom with a knife. The cut shouldn’t be deep — and the knife shouldn’t reach the flesh. Place the spoon under the peel and gently start separating the peel from the flesh. After a little practice, you’ll be able to peel oranges quickly and end up with one big piece of the peel instead of a bunch of tiny pieces.

Which of these tricks are you going to start using right away? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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