14 Life Hacks That Can Save You in the Nick of Time

Do you know about Murphy's Law? It says that the most unpleasant and unexpected things happen when we are in a hurry. For example, you have just 20 minutes before an important meeting...and the zipper on your jeans breaks. Your favorite T-shirt is wrinkled. Your white blouse is spotted with concealer. Terrible, isn't it?

But Bright Side knows how to handle this kind of trouble and will tell you about 14 tricks that will help you to always be on time.

1. To draw wings quickly and evenly, put some eyeliner on a hairpin and touch the corner of your eye with it.

2. To dye your hair locks different colors, you can use eye shadows. They are harmless and can be easily washed off with shampoo.

3. You can use bread to get rid of dust on paintings. Unlike a sponge, bread won't damage the canvas and keeps the paint intact.

4. It takes just 7 minutes to fix a jeans zipper. Just cut out a little piece close to the bottom, put the slider on, and fix it with a pin or thread.

5. To find jeans in your size without trying them on, use your forearm to measure their width.

6. If your child drew pictures on the wall with wax crayons, it takes just a few seconds to clean the wall with a hair dryer.

7. Use duct tape to insert a lace without a tip into the hole.

8. Use a hair dryer to rip off a Band-Aid without leaving a mark on the skin.

9. To put on clothes without covering them with makeup, put a bag on your head.

10. You can use an old sweater as a trendy dress.

Put your shoulders in the neck of the sweater. Take the sleeves, cross them behind your back, and attach them to each other using a pin.

11. Another way to choose the correct jeans size: take the waist ends, and put them around your neck. If the ends meet, it's your size.

12. If you have no iron and you need to press some clothes, you just need water and a hair dryer.

13. If your favorite jeans have shrunk and you can't wear them, use an elastic band.

14. Here is a way to get rid of a hole in your clothes in just a few minutes:

Buy some hemming tape, and cover the hole with it. Put a piece of napkin on top, pour a little water on it, and iron the spot.

What other useful hacks do you know? Share in the comments!

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