14 Tricks That Can Help You to Rule Your Body

We have all encountered situations where our body let us down at the most inappropriate moments.

Bright Side would like to present a few tricks to you to help you cope with the widespread problems of your body.

14. To get rid of a headache:

Put your hands under cold running water for a few minutes. Try to keep them there as long as you can. When you finish, rub the skin of your hands with a dry towel until you have a burning feeling.

This is so-called cold therapy. Stress from fluctuations in temperature increases blood circulation. Thus, if you have problems with your heart and blood vessels, you'd better skip this method.

13. To get rid of sleepiness:

If you're ever feeling sleepy, hold your breath for as long as you can, and then breathe out slowly. It increases your heart rate and wakes you up.

12. To hold in a sneeze:

Unexpected sneezing can "attack" us at any moment, sometimes when we need it the least. To hold it in, just press the upper part of your nose with your fingers, and rub it or pull forward.

11. To stop nausea:

If you feel nauseous, try to apply acupressure. Press the point on the inner side of your hand that is approximately 1" from your palm.

10. To hold in laughter:

Sometimes you just can't control your laughter, but you need to stop because you are in a meeting, for example. What you need to do is pinch yourself or bite your tongue a bit.

9. To stop hiccups:

The best way to stop hiccups is to hold your breath for as long as possible.

8. To ease heartburn:

Sometimes you experience heartburn because you sleep on your right side. Try to sleep on your left side — it will ease your heartburn during the night.

7. To raise your spirits:

If you are in a bad mood, hold a pencil between your teeth. It activates the smiling muscles that deceive your brain and raise your spirits.

6. To stop snoring:

A frequent reason for snoring is sleeping on your back. Try to sleep on your side — it will improve your breathing.

5. To get rid of acne:

To prevent the appearance of acne, rinse yourself with cool water at the end of your shower. Cold water has an astringent effect, which prevents bacteria and dirt from getting inside your skin.

4. To ease itching from mosquito bites:

To ease the itching from mosquito bites, roll antiperspirant on the bites.

3. To stop tears:

It can be hard to stop yourself from crying, especially when you need to be calm. To stop the tears, try to open your eyes wide, and keep them like that for as long as possible without blinking. At the same time, look upward only with your eyes (without bending your head).

2. To reduce pain:

Have you ever stumbled over a doorstep? Or maybe hit your little finger against a table? If so, don't stop yourself from expressing your emotions obscenely. Research has shown that swearing helps to overcome pain.

1. To get rid of vertigo:

To get rid of vertigo quickly, put your forefinger inside your ear, and pull it carefully upward, then forward, then downward. It will help you to regulate intracranial pressure, which will improve your condition.

Do you have your own tips to overcome your body's reactions? Share them in the comments below.

Illustrator Daniil Shubin for Bright Side
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