14 Things We Can No Longer Do the Old Way

Every day we automatically perform actions without even thinking about doing them any other way.

Bright Side collected several cool and useful tips that are worth taking note of.

1. How to get out of a car correctly

In the majority of cases, a driver forgets to look in the rearview mirror, opens the door, and hits, for example, a passing cyclist. In order to avoid such accidents, try to open the door with your right hand: your body will lean toward the door, and you will automatically look back.

2. How to remove a plastic tie lock correctly

When we come across plastic tie locks, the first thing we normally want to do is cut them with scissors. However, you can open them by moving the long end to the side and pulling it out of the latch.

3. How to drink juice correctly

Did you ever notice the triangular corners on the sides of juice boxes? They come in handy to hold while drinking. Kids should like this idea.

4. How to apply a Band-Aid so it doesn't come off

A Band-Aid often slides off a finger after a few moments. In order to avoid this, cut the sides of the Band-Aid in two, and cross them when putting it on the finger.

5. How to cook the best patty ever

To make the best patty in the world, put something in the middle of it, such as an egg. Put some doughnut-shaped minced meat in a frying pan, put an egg in the middle, and fry on both sides. As a result, you will get a delicious and nutritious patty for your hamburger.

6. How to share potato chips without using a plate

We normally open chips packets from the top, but this is not great for parties. If you don't want to wash dishes after your party, make a hole in the middle of the bag.

7. How to hold a beer or soda bottle correctly

The narrow bottleneck is designed to be held. It is comfortable, and your drink won't catch your hand's warmth. How come we didn't realize this before?

8. How to easily make mixed fruit juice

Here comes one more cool idea for kids' entertainment: you can get a new juice flavor by drinking from several boxes with different flavors at the same time. Adults may also love this idea. Try it at your upcoming party, and see for yourself!

9. How to keep your hands clean when eating chips

Airy chips with a lot of spice can soil your hands easily. In order to avoid this, use chopsticks.

10. How to cut sausages quickly

With the help of an egg-cutter, you can not only chop eggs but also sausages. It is a cool life hack for those who are always in a hurry.

11. How to eat chicken wings correctly

In order to eat chicken wings without soiling everything around you with grease, do the following: break off a little piece of the wing where the little bone is seen. Twist it a little, and pull it out – it will come out easily. Then twist again, and pull out the big bone. That's it! Enjoy your chicken.

12. How to peel corn easily

It is so easy and smart! First, cut the corn cob into several pieces. Secondly, remove one row of grains. Then take the cob into your hands, put your thumb over the next row, and press. This is how you can eat corn row by row leaving the cob absolutely clean.

13. How to get rid of watermelon seeds in no time

This is also very easy. Cut a watermelon in halves crosswise. You will see that the seeds grow in rows. Cut slices, leaving the seeds a little bit on the sides. Then you will just have to remove them with a knife.

14. Why you shouldn't rinse chicken

Germs die while cooking, but they spread everywhere if you wash meat: you literally sprinkle them all over your kitchen. Don't wash meat before cooking it. Just cook it through very well.

Photos by Roman Zakharchenko for BrightSide.me

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