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14 Times People Turned Ordinary Things Into Something Impressive, and You Can Do It Too

It seems like some people are born being do-it-yourself masters. They can create a masterpiece out of nothing and the characters of our compilation are no exception. Whether it’s a copper rose or an Iron Throne, all of their creations deserve an award for creative skill.

We at Bright Side admire anyone whose skillful hands are able to create something extraordinary and so we've prepared a compilation of creative DIYs for you that will leave you amazed.

1. “I made an Iron Throne phone charger.”

2. “Shiny! About $130 in pennies, 10 bottles of Elmer’s glue, some grout I found in my basement, and some epoxy.”

3. “After buying my first home a year ago I wanted to build a room just for my dogs.”

4. “We had a bare wall in our sunroom and wanted something that would take advantage of the light.”

5. “It’s not much, but it’s my first ever project. A pan rack.”

6. “I made a copper rose by myself.”

7. “I built a square bicycle out of square tubing.”

8. “I made my family members some shiny copper holly leaf ornaments!”

9. “We’ve been dreaming of making a wooden table with a resin geode at the center for 6 months and finally made it.”

10. “I get married this Friday and I designed, printed, and cast bottle openers and wine stoppers as wedding gifts for my guests.”

11. “I made a custom hardwood and aluminum key fob for my car.”

12. “I made these concrete pots. Just an old soy milk container, a used coffee cup, a little bit of concrete, and a little bit of paint. So happy with how it came out!”

13. “I ‘printed’ this Mars poster on sheet metal with actual rust.”

14. “Drive it like you stole it! Turned a screwdriver into a car key.”

How good are you at making DIYs? We would love to see the photos of your creations in the comments!

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