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15 great ideas for a corner just for men

If you're a man and you have a garage or some other quiet place where you can make something with your own hands or just play video games, you're already lucky. However, even a simple corner can be modified so amazingly you wouldn't recognize it afterwards.

We at Bright Side have gathered the coolest ways to make almost any man cave a place of real comfort.


Storing your fishing rods in an orderly fashion

This contraption will not only make your garage or storeroom look better, but it will also help the rods last longer. Here is the guide on how to make this stand yourself.

And here's another splendid way to store your gardening tools. To make it look like this, you'll only need some cut plastic pipes and a couple of wooden planks.

Keeping your tools handy

The easiest way is to buy a magnetic strip for cooking knives, and then use it to store your screwdrivers, pliers, and other stuff.

Your pliers won't take up much space and will always be at hand if you make such a hanging tool holder for them. See here for instructions.

Drills and other hand tools can be put on a special shelf like this. The blueprints are here.

Yet another way to store your tools is to hang a pegboard (a perforated board made just for this purpose) with pegs. See here for details.

The next step is not to let your phone battery run down

There are numerous ways to neatly store cords and wires, and you certainly know many of them. Still, we like this one: using old jeans pockets as convenient gadget cases.

Storing small parts

Nails, screws, and bolts can be conveniently stored like this. See here for a guide on how to turn simple jars into a super storage system.

Duct tape goes here

This board will cozily accommodate your tape measure, scissors, hammer, and many other things.

It's really easy to make a dispenser for adhesive or duct tape. See details here.

A bike storage place

Here you can take a close look at this compact, stylish, and awesomely simple solution.

Hanging your jacket

And your backpack too! Such pegs are, first of all, very cool. The second thing here is that they'll leave your guests wondering what kind of strength it took to bend the wrenches like that. Some other ideas for brutal and not-so-brutal clothes hooks are here.

A hundred-in-one

As strange as it may sound, kitchen furniture is the best solution for any workshop. Enjoy some inspiration here. You'll definitely have plenty of space for everything, and nothing will get lost!

A good rest after a day of hard work

No need to drag a huge table to your garage or especially to your office. You can make an inserted ice cache (for beer, of course) and enjoy the free space. Here's a how-to.

Why not go further and make your very own minibar? A narrow wall shelf with a trapdoor is a good option. Check out the details on this page. It's obvious there's plenty of space for everything you need.

Now you only have to place a comfortable armchair among all this magnificence...and try not to forget there are many other interesting things going on behind the walls.

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