15 Great Techniques That Will Make You a Real Messenger Guru

Nowadays we type more words than we speak, and our communication is usually conducted via messengers. Bright Side has gathered all the important features you need to make your online communication as comfortable as possible.


1. Delete messages

Now you don't need to worry that your confession was sent not to your loved one but to your malicious boss. Just delete the message from the conversation. However, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • Messages can only be deleted within 7 minutes of sending.
  • The message will only disappear from your friend's phone if they've updated to the latest version of the app (2.17 and above).

To delete a message, tap on it, and press delete. You will then be able to choose between "Delete for myself" and "Delete for everyone."

2. Hide your profile picture from strangers

Just set up your account so your profile picture is only available to people in your address book. Here's how to do it: "Settings" — "Account" — "Privacy" — "Profile photo."

3. Bookmark important messages

Many messages contain important information such as your doctor's address or the name of a great bar your friend recommended. You can just star those messages (tap on the message and then on the star button). After that, you can find it in "Starred messages."

4. Send messages to everyone at once

If you need to inform a large group of friends about an upcoming party, the best way to do it is with a broadcast. There is no need to bother creating a group chat. Just go to "Options" — "New broadcast."

5. Control your activity

Friendship nowadays is not measured in years or numbers of gatherings. Nowadays it's measured in kilobytes. Start a competition between your friends to see who's the most active user. Got to "Settings" — "Data and storage usage" — "Network usage," and enjoy the statistics.

6. Edit text with 2 taps

To highlight important text, use formatting like in regular Microsoft Word:

  • For —bold font, put asterisks before and after the part you want to highlight.
  • For italics, put tildes before and after the part you want to italicize.
  • To underline, just use underscores.


1. Instantly switch between dialogues

During active communication, you may end up with a whole bunch of dialogues you need to switch between. To avoid wasting time going back to the main menu, just swipe to the left and you will see all active conversations. In 2 taps, you can switch between them.

2. Remove message popups

One of the most annoying things about Viber is the giant windows that pop up each time you get a new message, turning the screen on automatically. Not only does it drain your battery but it also allows anyone to read your messages when your phone is lying around. Go to "Settings" — "Notifications" to turn off "New Message Popup" and "Light screen for messages."

3. Hide your secrets

Everyone has their secrets. The question is what is the best way to hide them? Viber has a great feature called "Hidden chats" that lets you lock certain dialogues with a PIN code. To do this, long-press on the chat you want to hide, select "Hide chat," and set your PIN code.

4. Read messages without your friends knowing

When you don't want to show that you've been online and seen the messages, just turn on "Aeroplane mode," open Viber, and read what you need. Then turn "Aeroplane mode" off. Your friend will not see the "seen" sign.


1. Format text almost like you would in Microsoft Word

By default, the text you type in Skype is size 8, which makes it hard to read if your eyesight is not perfect. But advanced users know that a font can be changed the following way: "Tools" — "Settings" — "IM & SMS" — "IM appearance" — "Change font."

2. Start a new line

In Skype, messages are sent by pressing enter. When you need to start a new line (for example, when writing an address), it automatically transfers to the start of your next message. To make a new line in your current message instead of sending it by pressing Enter, simply press Shift+Enter.

3. Turn off the moving pencil

When you are texting someone, they see a moving pencil sign that indicates you've started writing a new message. This feature is not always useful (especially when you don't know what to say and change your message 10 times before sending). Go to "Tools" — "IM & SMS" — "IM settings" — "Advanced options." Turn off "Show when I'm typing."

4. Turn off animated emoticons

Sometimes they can be annoying and distracting (especially in a business conversation). Go to "Settings" — "IM & SMS" — "IM appearance." There you need to disable animated and large emoticons. If you uncheck all the boxes, emoticons will turn into standard static emojis.

5. Allow yourself to see several conversations next to each other

If you are having multiple conversations at the same time, you might find it inconvenient to constantly switch between windows. You can have multiple windows next to each other if you just go to "View" — "Compact View/Split window view." To get back to normal, press "Default view."

What useful features do you usually use? Share in the comments!

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