15 Important Pieces of Advice That’ll Save You From a Street Attack

15 Important Pieces of Advice That’ll Save You From a Street Attack

Sadly, people aren't always good. We do hope you'll never find yourself facing villains, but you should still know what to do if it happens.

Bright Side shares some tips that will help you if you're in danger.

  • If you've been attacked from behind, bend your elbow, grasp your wrist with your other hand, and hit the attacker with that elbow with all your strength. If you hit a soft spot, you'll immobilize your opponent for a few seconds – enough to let you escape.
  • Ladies will find it efficient to step on the assailant's foot with a high heel.
  • If the attacker is trying to strangle you, grab their little fingers and twist them hard.
  • If you have anything you can hit with in your bag, try to fetch it to neutralize the assailant with a blow in their face.

What to do if you're being robbed

  • If the robber is threatening you with a weapon, don't fight back. Just give them everything they demand, even if it's very valuable.
  • Try to remember any distinguishing features of the criminal: birthmarks, scars, tattoos.
  • Don't go home. Head straight to the police: the sooner they start seeking your assailant, the higher the chance they'll find them with your belongings.

What to do if you're being attacked in close quarters

  • If the criminal is pursuing you inside a building, don't hide in an elevator or cellar because they may run there right after you.
  • Run away from the building, preferably to a place with lots of people or somewhere you can easily drop the pursuit.
  • Do not use any type of weapon in close quarters as they may harm you as well as the attacker, and you won't be able to run.

Take safety precautions

  • Don't run away immediately. First create an obstacle (cross a road, turn a corner, or go down to the subway), and then run.
  • Talk to a passerby. Walk with them, and go on talking until you see your pursuer dropping off. A criminal normally won't attack if you're not alone.
  • If a taxi driver seems suspicious, immediately leave the car. Always send your close ones the plate number.
  • Don't expect danger to be straightforward: if you're afraid of a dark alley or a suspicious group of people, take another route. If there's no light in the hall of your apartment building, wait for a neighbor to enter together, or ask someone to meet you downstairs.
  • Always keep your family or friends informed of where you are and when you're coming home.
Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich, preview illustration by Astkhik Rakimova for Bright Side
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