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15 ingenious ideas for a family holiday photo session

15 ingenious ideas for a family holiday photo session

If you want to remember all the merry events of your family holidays, a camera is the best assistant for you. There is no need to have a great photographer to have nice pictures. Simply think about a couple of backgrounds and persuade everybody to pose.

Bright Side presents some ideas to make your festive photos lively and impressive.

Decorating the Christmas tree

It is not necessary to take photos just against the Christmas tree. You can catch shots when you only start to decorate your green beauty. Once the tree is ready, the picture will be magical if you switch off the lights and turn on the garlands.

Just like a picture

It seems like an ordinary frame, but it brings a special and unusual perspective to the shot. A frame is an excellent attribute for creative photos; you can decorate it with a variety of nuances like New Year’s stickers, tinsel and garlands.

Glamor and glitter

Who said that the purpose of garland is only to decorate the Christmas tree or to hang on the window? It can easily make you shine like never before.

Cooking together

Joint cooking, especially with little children, is a dual responsibility. However, it is also a great opportunity to get spontaneous and entertaining photos.

New Year’s masquerade

You can buy themed costumes or use improvised materials. These will surely diversify your photo collection.

Sweet kisses

Holidays can be romantic. It doesn’t matter if you celebrate the new year together with your sweetheart or with friends, just don’t forget to take joint photos. Years later, you’ll be really pleased to recall these romantic moments.

The long-awaited gifts

Presents are one of the biggest holiday attributes. It is a great joy to catch the truly happy emotions on children’s faces when they unpack toys.

Christmas ball

This variant is more complicated, but the result is worth it: a happy family framed in one Christmas ball.

Snow games

Make snowmen and snowballs, go sledding, make snow angels. Let every member of your family take photos of your snow fight.

Holiday pets

Seems like these fluffy pranksters deserve to be on our holiday photos no less than we do. Look how photogenic they are! Don’t forget to catch some shots of your pets when they are "helping" decorate the Christmas tree or sledding with you.

A snowman

A snowman can be a great decoration for dozens of new pictures. Build a funny snowman with the children and keep the photos of your creation — and the solid team that made it.

Little Santa

If buying or making a costume by yourself is not an option, then you can simply get Christmas caps, and organize a family photo by putting on sweaters and bright winter scarfs.


This option is for the most active families. If you have enough space, think of how many fantastic snowflakes you can create with your united company of friends.

Warm me up

You can also take a family photo with the motto "Warm me up". Use a bright blanket and the photos will look warm and cozy.

Photo booth

These masks are quite easy to makea and the pictures with them turn out to be very fun. It’s a great idea for both a New Year’s celebration with children and a party with friends. Cut out lips, caps, moustaches, horns — everything your heart desires — and start playing different roles.

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