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15 Ingenious Tricks for Your Car

Wisdom accumulated by experienced drivers around the world might just help you overcome some of those irritating little problems we all experience with our cars and make driving more comfortable and enjoyable.

Here are 15 practical tips that will be helpful for both novice and experienced drivers.

For those traveling with their kids

You can use a shower organizer to help you keep essential supplies for your kids close at hand. No more wasting time searching your entire car for cream, diapers, or a feeding bottle.

How to cool down your car quickly

Fully open one of the front windows, then open and close the door on the opposite side of the car several times. This will drive out the hot air.

How to get rid of scratches

A carefully chosen nail polish can make a small scratch on the body of your car almost invisible. Transparent polish is an effective, if temporary, way of fighting cracks on the windshield. Apply 2-3 layers, and this will prevent cracks from getting any larger.

If you're worried that a car mechanic might deceive you

If you're concerned that a mechanic might try to exaggerate the problems with your car, just ask them questions about parts that you're certain are working correctly.

How to get rid of old car stickers

Soak a piece of newspaper in warm water, and place it on the sticker for ten minutes.

What to do if the lock has frozen

You can use anti-bacterial hand gel to help defrost a frozen lock. Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your finger and wipe it over the lock, making sure that it goes directly onto the keyhole. It contains alcohol spirit which will make the ice melt faster. You can also apply it to the car key itself.

An easy way to keep paper towels to hand

A paper coffee cup with a lid works well as a way to store paper towels or a handkerchief.

How to make a simple holder for your smartphone

You can use an ordinary rubber band.

Keeping your car clean

You can use a sealable food container as a trash can.

For those who still find parking difficult

If you only recently got your driving license and driving your car is still new to you, here's a great trick for parking your car in the garage. Hang up a tennis ball or a bright, colorful toy in the spot where you need to stop the car. This will help you to get a feel for the dimensions of your car and prevent you from going further in than you need to.

Cleaning your headlights

You would never have guessed, but ordinary toothpaste is a great alternative to costly cleaning fluids for your car headlights. Squeeze some onto an old toothbrush or a cloth, and rub it vigorously onto the headlights. Wash it off with water.

How to clean hard-to-reach areas

A paintbrush works really well for cleaning the dust out of hard-to-reach areas in your car.

Shielding yourself from bright sunlight

We borrowed this trick from pilots. If the sun is blinding you, use a thin plastic sheet to screen it out. It will stick to the windshield thanks to static electricity. You can find screens like this in the home section of supermarkets. You can also try the colored film used in greenhouses, for which you'll need Scotch tape to attach it.

How to protect the car doors from scratches

For those who own narrow garages, try out this life hack: attach a foam strip along the wall. This will reduce the risk of scratching the car doors when getting in and out of your automobile.

How to be ready for anything

In case of unforeseen problems, always carry a survival kit in your car - an old-fashioned, reliable cell phone or a spare phone battery; a supply of water and food; warm clothes or a blanket; a first aid kit.

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