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15+ Repair Shortcuts That Are a Cakewalk for Anyone

Unless you’re a professional contractor, home repairs can seem a little overwhelming, and even trying hacks can seem scary. A lot of everyday people have realized that by taking on a repair job themselves, they can come up with little tricks and life hacks to make the work a lot easier than they thought.

We at Bright Side are always on the lookout for the latest DIY life hacks to help you make repairs, and we’re sharing them with you here.

1. Nail polish can help fill in cracks on tiles (just make sure it’s the right color).

2. “Rub a walnut on damaged wooden furniture to cover up dings.”

3. Gloves and socks can help you paint in those hard-to-reach places.

4. Silica gel/desiccant packs can be used to clean wet electronics, like phones. They work much better than rice.

5. If you need to repair or replace a broken air cylinder, an old paint roller can do the job.

6. “Cut and glue bread clips to repair ripped mini-blinds.”

7. “3M rubber tape works great to repair broken wire insulation. It does not have a sticky side like vinyl type, so there’s no sticky mess over time.”

8. Punch your screws through some cardboard and label the sets to help yourself remember placement and to avoid losing them.

9. “If the end of your micro-USB cable is starting to break, reinforce it with Shoe Goo, silicone caulk, or any other rubber-like adhesive.”

10. Use a multi-hanger to hold wet tools while you wait for them to dry.

11. Rusty tools can be cleaned up with a nice vinegar soak.

12. Petroleum jelly, bar soap, or even sunscreen can help a squeaky door hinge, sometimes better than generic lubricants.

13. “How to drill into a wall without creating dust...”

14. Magnets can help you find those pesky studs in the wall.

15. “Repair/reinforce cables to prevent them from breaking. Use vaping wire (or a spring from pen) and shrink tubing.”

16. Sometimes, nature has the answer... this bird feeder lost its perches, so now it uses real sticks.

What are some repair tips or life-hacks that you use? Please share them with us in the comments?

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