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15 Simple Life Hacks to Help You Look Great Every Single Day

Clingy pants that stick to your legs, new shoes that don’t quite fit right, a t-shirt that shrank in the wash — now you can say goodbye to all of these problems. All you have to do is read this selection of 16 life hacks we’ve put together for you.

Getting rid of stains on leather

Just apply a mixture of water and vinegar and gently rub it over the stain.

Keeping jewelry clean

This applies only to the non-precious metal parts of your jewelry. Cover the inside part of a ring with clear nail polish. You’ll never have to worry about getting marks on your fingers again.

Getting rid of oily stains on your clothes

Use baby powder to get rid of the stain.

Rescuing a shrunken t-shirt

Put your shrunken item of clothing into water with some kids’ shampoo (one liter of water for every spoon of shampoo). Leave it to soak for half an hour. Squeeze out the water and place the t-shirt between two towels for ten minutes. Then stretch the item out to its original size, putting something heavy on the edges to keep it stretched, and leave it to dry.

Use a razor to get rid of fluff from your clothes

Stopping jeans from fading

Add half a glass of vinegar to the washing machine to stop dark jeans losing their color when being washed.

To quickly iron a collar

Hair straighteners can help you to quickly iron the fabric around buttons and folds on shirts and skirts.

Removing scuff marks from suede shoes

Use an ordinary eraser to clean your suede shoes.

Cleaning the white part of your sneakers

Mix some cleaning solution with baking soda in a bowl, take an old tooth brush and use the solution to thoroughly clean the white rubber parts of your shoes.

How to fit the bottom of your jeans into your boots:

Removing sweat stains from your clothes

These stains can be cleaned using a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda.

Putting a cord through the hood of your hoodie

Use a straw to push the cords through the narrow holes.

Breaking in new shoes

Pour some water into sealable plastic packets, place them inside your shoes and put the shoes in the freezer. When the water freezes, it expands. Take the shoes out of the freezer, wait for the ice to melt a little and take the bags of water out. N.B: this method doesn’t work for patent leather shoes.

Getting rid of the static on your pants

To get rid of static, place a safety pin on the inside seam of each trouser leg.

To stop the zipper on your jeans from coming undone

Attach the ring from a key ring on the zipper and hook it over the button of your pants.

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