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15 Terrific Life Hacks That Can Help You Every Day

Life can be such a hassle at times, and unnecessarily so. Why sweat over tiny mishaps when there are more important things to think about? Thankfully, small problems only require small solutions.

Bright Side comes to the rescue with 15 brilliant tips to ensure that you can make the most out of every day, no stress involved.

1. Make your own car defrost solution.

Freezing cold winter mornings can be a nuisance, but this tip smooths out any wrinkles in your morning routine. Prepare your own defrost solution by mixing 1 part water and 2 parts rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle. Saves money and time.

2. Make a huge Ziploc bag from 2 smaller ones.

Need a big ziplock bag but only have a few smaller ones? It turns out that by turning one bag inside out, the 2 can be attached together and made into a single giant one. This is especially useful for packing for a move or a trip abroad.

3. Store plastic bags in a tissue box.

Raise your hand if you’re a plastic bag collector. Now there’s a clever organizing trick to store all those bags from various places which are perfect for recycling. Loop the bags through each other’s handles and stuff them into an old tissue box.

4. Fix broken wires in the blink of an eye.

Anyone with an abundance of electronics will understand this: wires can get broken, torn, and become messy. If you find 2 ends of your wires sticking out like this and have no way to solder them, wrapping them securely (as shown) will ensure that they’ll stay together.

5. Turn your plastic jugs into gardening tools.

Ever wondered what to do with old plastic jugs? It turns out that with a bit of tactical cutting and imagination, they make a great shovel or scoop in a pinch.

6. Organize your yarn once and for all.

This one is for those with a passion for knitting. To keep your yarn from getting tangled or unraveling too fast, drill a few tiny holes in the top of an old plastic container and turn it into your very own yarn holder.

7. Stop your computer from falling asleep.

It can be irritating when you’re working on something important, but don’t want to keep shaking your mouse to keep your computer awake. This ensures that your mouse is constantly registering movement, giving you more time to be productive.

8. Use cardboard boxes as cutting boards.

Who has time for dishes after a satisfying dinner? If you’re among the unlucky without the convenience of a dishwasher, a simple solution is found right in your recycling box. Any piece of clean cardboard will do the job!

9. Catch the dust from drilling with a post-it note.

Next time you need to get some drilling done, grab a post-it note and take it with you. Fold the end and stick it right under where you plan to drill. You’ll save time by not having to sweep the floor.

10. Put clear nail polish on a loose ring.

A ring that doesn’t quite fit can be awkward, especially if it happens to be of great personal value. There’s no need to get refitted or throw it away. A few strokes of clear nail polish on the inside of a loose ring will help to make it fit.

11. Photocopy an object you need to hang.

Whether you’re a beginner with a drill or a seasoned construction expert, this tip is a savior in a pinch. Never make a mistake and put Bob the Builder to shame by photocopying the item you would like to hang for the utmost precision.

12. Clean shoes with micellar water.

Who knew micellar water could do more than just remove your makeup? All it takes is a little bit of your favorite makeup remover and a cotton pad. Your favorite suede shoes will be ready to wear in no time.

13. Keep your nails on your drill.

Scrambling to look for nails when in the middle of a construction project is the last thing we want to be doing. Thankfully, this ingenious trick of hot gluing a magnet on your drill lets you keep your nails even closer than an arm’s reach.

14. Turn a plastic bottle into a sponge holder.

This is another great tip for upcycling any leftover plastic. With a pair of scissors and a stapler, you just need to cut the top of the bottle and secure the 2 strands of plastic with the stapler around your faucet.

15. Make your own air freshener for your bathroom.

Rather than splurging on pricey sprays at the store, invest in a bottle of your favorite essential oil. A few drops on the cardboard of a toilet paper roll will be enough to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

Which of these blew your mind? Let us know in the comments below!

Illustrated by Ekaterina Gapanovich for Bright Side
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