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15 useful tips for cleaning up the garage and pantry

15 useful tips for cleaning up the garage and pantry

Our garages, closets, and pantries contain large numbers of useful things, not to mention tons of insignificant small items. All those spools of wire, screwdrivers, brushes, and nails need to be stored in such a way that they’ll always be within your reach. However, you need to be ingenious and creative to ensure that your storage space does not become the Tower of Babel...or the Bermuda Triangle!

Today, Bright Side presents you with a selection of fifteen useful, accessible, and original ways of storing your belongings! Aren’t these ideas amazing?!

A cleverly designed duct tape dispenser.

Using these boards instead of shelves adds extra storage capacity.

A trendy and practical screwdriver holder.

A wooden board can be adapted to store long-handled garden utensils.

An ideal solution for using vacant wall surfaces!

Once again - walls to the rescue! Finding the right way to store your folding chair or bed can free up precious space!

PVC tube segments can be used as handy implement holders.

Overhead storage racks can free up lots of space!

Wall-mounted hangers offer a perfect solution for keeping your bike out of the way.

Or, if there are too many bikes, you can adopt this trick instead!

A paper towel holder can be used for garbage bags as well.

A magnetic strip attached to the wall is a stylish and practical method of storing metallic objects.

A second life for old jars. Why not store your nails and bolts in such an innovative way?!

Elastic bands can be used for securing your sports equipment.

Bathroom baskets can prove useful in the garage.

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