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15 Useful Tricks for Clothes and Shoes That Can Make Your Life Easier

Everyone has their favorite shoes and clothing items — and when anything happens to them, their entire mood gets spoiled. That’s why you should keep a few tricks up your sleeve to help you keep your clothes and shoes as good as new for as long as possible.

Bright Side has collected some fashion hacks that cautious people will find handy.

1. Get rid of stains on shoes.

If you’ve had a party and your favorite suede shoes are covered with stains, try using micellar water to get rid of them.

2. Avoid stretching your clothes on hangers.

If you need to hang a sweater in a closet, do it the way the picture above shows. This way, you won’t wrinkle or stretch it.

3. Keep the shape of your boots.

In order to prevent high boots from deforming, keep a fun pool noodle inside them.

4. Preventing unpleasant smells from dirty clothes while on a trip

When you travel a lot, dirty clothes can pile up in your suitcase. In order to avoid the unpleasant smell, put a bar of soap inside a plastic bag along with the clothes.

5. Making shoes less slippery

Use a glue gun to prevent your favorite shoes from slipping. This will eliminate the danger of falling and hurting yourself.

6. Making a skirt wind-resistant

If you’re tired of every little breeze lifting up your skirt or dress, there is a little trick you use. Attach several coins to the base of the dress or skirt. You can read how to do this, here.

7. Get rid of unpleasant smells.

Another way to remove unpleasant smells from your shoes is to put teabags inside them. First, you can try putting dry ones in and if it doesn’t help, put in used ones. Black tea removes unpleasant smells really well.

8. Making folds in your shorts

In order to make a fold in your shorts quickly, you can use a flat iron.

9. Get rid of sweat smells on clothes.

Before washing your clothes, sprinkle some lemon water on them to solve this problem.

10. Prevent clothes from slipping off the hanger.

Use rubber bands to prevent a piece of clothing from slipping off a hanger. The photo above illustrates this very well.

11. Turn a simple T-shirt into a trendy item.

You can do this task in several seconds just by changing the positioning of the straps.

12. Reversing wear and tear on sneakers

If your sneakers are not new, you can use nail polish to fix them up. Just put a little of it on the scratches.

13. Hiding a bra under an open dress

Dresses with an open back usually give the person wearing it a choice: they can either look great or feel comfortable. Here, you can see the compromise you can make with yourself.

14. Hide the straps of your bra.

If you’re tired of having your bra straps exposed, use a paper clip to hide them.

15. Make beautiful tears in your jeans.

You can follow these simple steps to make beautiful tears on your jeans. Just get the tools (a cheese grater, a thread pick, and a foot scrub brush) and follow the instructions.

What useful tricks for shoes and clothes do you know? Share them in the comment section below.

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