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15 Ways to Clean Your House in Just a Few Minutes

Household chores can last all day long. You clean something and suddenly notice dirt somewhere else. To waste less energy, you can use these tips to save your nerves, time, and still make your house clean.

Bright Side likes when there's no dust in the air but we don't like to waste our weekends. That's why we gathered some tricks on how to clean your house in just a few minutes.

15. Oil copes well with grease.

This blog contains good information on how to get rid of grease in the kitchen. It may sound strange, but vegetable oil deals with grease really easy. Just put some drops of oil onto a paper towel and wipe the oven. The surface will become clean very fast.

14. Polish everything to make surfaces shine.

To make all chrome plated surfaces shine, wipe them with a towel that has a couple of drops of baby oil.

13. Clean an iron.

Salt can help you in this situation. Pour salt on a paper towel, let the iron heat up, and run the iron over the salt. This blog claims that all dirt will disappear.

12. Use a broom so you don't have to bend over.

This blog gives us ideas on effective was to clean the bathtub. You can use a broom instead of an ordinary brush. Apply some cleaning agent onto the surface and wait a couple of minutes. This method is very useful for elderly people who can't work in a bent position.

11. Cleaning products for the toilet

To save some time, apply a cleaning agent onto the surface before you scrub and use a toilet brush to remove all dirt after the cleaning agent has had time to work.

10. Add some softener.

Before you wash the floor, add some fabric softener into the water so your floor stays clean for a longer period of time.

9. Coffee filters fight dust

Coffee filters fight well against dust on laptop and computer screens. They wipe all dirt and won't scratch your screens or furniture. The method is depicted in this blog.

8. Use a brush.

To remove dirt from small items, you can use a paint brush so you don't have to waste time cleaning each detail. You can read about this method here.

7. A newspaper inside a bin

Put a newspaper in your garbage bag, it'll absorb all liquid, and your garbage can will remain dry.

6. Socks instead of floor rags

Terry cloth socks will pick up dirt very well: just slide one sock over the base of your mop, wipe the floor, and wash the sock in the washing machine. You can read about this tip here.

5. Don't make your bed.

Good news! It's better to not make your bed: it's known that a wet bed covered with a blanket is a great environment for mites. Don't make your bed if you don't want to cause allergies.

4. Don't forget about furniture polish.

Many people consider this item useless, but they're mistaken. The polish prevents dust from settling on surfaces and allows us to do the house cleaning less often.

3. Wrap refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap.

If you cover the shelves with plastic wrap, you can avoid cleaning the fridge. You'll just need to change the wrap from time to time.

2. Don't leave wet bathroom walls.

After taking a shower, remove all water from the walls with a squeegee. Thanks to this tip, you won't need to waste your time cleaning away dried soap scum.

1. Attach a brush to a drill.

This trick will help you clean even the dirtiest surfaces. You'll save your energy and time and your house will shine and sparkle.

Have you already tried any of these tips? Did they work well?

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