16 Unexpected Uses for Everyday Items That Are Totally Genius

Sometimes ordinary things are worth looking at from a new angle.

Bright Side has collected some examples of how everyday objects can be used for different purposes.

16. Tongs used as a citrus juicer

A good method if you haven't got a juicer at hand.

15. Breadbox charging station

A great idea of making an elegant device from an unnecessary breadbox, thus solving the messy wires issue.

14. Soda can tab for hanging a picture

If a picture you wish to hang up doesn't have a wire on the back, it's not a problem. Just use an old soda can tab.

13. A perfect way to cool down

If you need your water to stay cold for a long time, this method is ideal.

12. An amazing seat from belts

This method works very well for upcycling chairs.

11. A cereal container as a trash can

An ordinary plastic cereal container can become a wonderful trash can for your car.

10. Kinder Surprise earphones holder

This trick is for those who are tired of searching for their headphones and untangling the wires. The tutorial is here.

9. Guitar wall shelf

A new life for a guitar that can't be played any longer.

8. A lamp from old cameras and films

An incredible lamp you can make yourself. Follow the instructions here.

7. Plastic bottle bookshelf organizer

A fantastic way to reuse laundry detergent bottles. Here's how to do it.

6. Mug sweater out of a sock

This unusual idea is perfect for everyone who loves hot drinks but doesn't like to burn their hands.

5. Tic Tac containers as ribbon storage

Make convenient organizers for your craft supplies.

4. Thread spool box

Make a thread spool storage box using a shoe box and some small nails. You won't need to search for your thread ever again!

3. DIY sprinkler

This is how you make this cool item.

2. Mouthwash against toenail fungus

Strange as it may sound, mouthwash is a working remedy for toenail fungus.

1. Awesome uses for deodorant

Deodorant can prevent sweating under your breasts and soothe razor burns. Just consider using aluminum-free deodorants.

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