17 absolutely ingenious ways to use Command hooks

Organizing the space in your home can be a difficult and exhausting process, especially when the square footage of your living area is not that big. We often struggle to make use of every inch of available space in our living quarters. But keeping our space organized without overloading it with unnecessary details can be challenging.

We here at Bright Side have gathered some of the most ingenious ideas for using Command hooks to help you get things on the right track in your sweet, cozy abode.

Organizer for pot lids

Using adhesive hooks on the inside of cabinet doors is a smart space-saving idea for storing pot lids.

Jewelry box

You can make a handy jewelry box using ordinary hooks. See the instructions here.

Stationery organizer

One fun way to organize your stationery is to hang small buckets on wall hooks. For more detailed information click here.

Artwork display

Make a 'gallery' for your child’s artwork with the help of pants hangers and wall hooks. Check out the tutorial here. Let your kids feel like they're real-life artists. 

Handy organizer for foil and plastic wrap

Attach some hooks to the wall for keeping aluminum foil and plastic wrap within reach in your kitchen. Click here for details. 

Hiding power cords

The little adhesive hooks will help you hide pesky cords on even the thinnest furniture. See the tutorial here.

Tablet stand

Attach three command hooks to the wall, as shown here, and enjoy your favorite movie or TV series. 

Gift wrap and ribbon organizer

If you're a creative person, you'll definitely like this idea.

Hanging vases

You can find easy directions for making a hanging garden in this blog.

Ironing board storage

This blogger came up with a great idea for storing an ironing board.

Bathroom baskets

Use such wall baskets for storing bath linens or other bathroom necessities. 

Children's book display

Replace the regular bookshelves with some unusual fun hammocks like these.

A simple way to hang a wreath

Check out this clever idea here.

Using hooks instead of curtain rods

This unusual solution will give your interior a special charm.

Vertical mini garden

Brighten up your living room with a vertical mini garden. This tutorial will help you.

Hooks for hair straighteners and curling irons

Use Command hooks inside a bathroom cabinet for storing hair tools.

Kitchen utensil organizer

Use some wire mesh and Command hooks to keep your kitchen utensils organized. See the tutorial here.

Preview photo credit instructables,  / (с) KATHLEEN KAMPHAUSEN
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