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17 Genius Hacks That Will Take Your Life to a Whole New Level

Bright Side loves recycling and repurposing old household materials into handy new ideas. Try our 17 genius recycled craft ideas to reuse your old items. Don’t miss the super secret bonus at the end of the article.

17. Use rubber bands to prevent clothes falling off hangers.

It’s a very easy but helpful life hack. See detailed instructions here.

16. Turn a colorful colander into a flower basket.

Colorful, stylish, and cheap. Spray paint your old colander, line it with landscaping cloth, attach some sturdy chains, and hang it with your favorite flowers. Find out more here.

15. Create a hairpin holder.

Banish flyaways with a trusty bobby pin pack for your handbag. Just replace the label with some patterned tape and voila! Find out more here.

14. Organize your jeans with shower hooks.

Organize your jeans with inexpensive shower hooks for a quick way to grab them in the morning. Hang them by the belt loop to avoid creasing. Find out more here.

13. Repurpose mason jars into a trendy herb garden.

Upcycle old mason jars into a trendy herb garden to make tasty dishes. Find out more here.

12. Turn an old glasses case into a sewing kit.

Turn your old glasses case into a compact sewing kit to fix any broken garment. Find out more here.

11. Magical mason jar lanterns

Create a magical aura in your backyard with these enchanting mason jar lights. See how to craft these here.

10. Easy dust collector

Never spill another drop of dust with this folded Post-it note. Fasten it to the wall with masking tape to make sure no dust hits the floor.

9. Convert an old T-shirt into a cushion.

Turn your other half’s old shirt into a trendy cushion for curling up with a good book. See here for detailed instructions.

8. Moisture-absorbing chalk to fight tarnishing

Wrap two bits of chalk in some cheesecloth, and add them to your silverware. This will slow any tarnishing!

7. A stylish earring holder

Carefully remove the glass from a picture frame, and thread wire from one side to the other. Add your dangly earrings for a shabby chic display. Find out more here.

6. Vinyl record to fruit bowl

Don’t throw your chipped, damaged, or old vinyl records away! Carve them into vintage fruit bowls for a unique kitchen accessory. See details here.

5. Protect doorknobs with aluminum foil.

Tightly cover your doorknobs with aluminum foil to avoid any paint spills. This is the perfect solution to "oops!" moments.

4. Plastic bag wraps for gardening

Stop any gardening dirt or grime from ruining your favorite jeans with plastic bag wraps. Simply wrap your knees with plastic bags and voila!

3. Nonstick snow

Liberally apply olive oil spray to your plastic or metal shovel before shifting snow to avoid a buildup of rock hard ice.

2. A smartphone case

A glue gun and a plastic bag can serve to make a cool and unusual mobile case. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

1. Smartphone opener

To take out the SIM card or a memory card without a special tool, just unbend a paper clip and put it in the opening.

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