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17 Life Hacks From Masters of Ingenuity

Not everyone manages to keep calm and stay reasonable under any circumstances.

Bright Side is a bit jealous of these creative people — they can always find a quick solution to a problem.

"I’m using video chat on my cell phone to look after boiling water while I’m watching TV in another room."

The mayor of one Brazilian city has forbidden cafés to install tables on the sidewalk.

When you don’t have a jacket for a formal photo:

The king of the world

This is the only way to make our cat sleep in his new expensive bed:

A genius of engineering

"My mom’s 155-lb Mastiff is afraid of the dark. She managed to cope with this problem."

When your mom asks you to look after your little sister but you don’t really want to:

"Here’s our smart solution for keeping our dog inside while the door is open."

"Our cat always meows in the morning. My wife found a solution."

If your iron breaks down at the most inopportune moment:

Our dog is very small. He used to escape through a hole in a fence.

When your daughter sleeps only this way and you realize you’re hungry:

Sometimes you just have to pretend there is no problem.

When an engineer is late for work but their dish is too hot:

"My friend always ’tries on’ dresses from online stores in Photoshop."

Parenthood is challenging.

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