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17 Nifty Inventions We Never Knew We Needed This Summer


Summer is all about spending your time outside and having fun, right? Turns out we don’t enjoy this to the fullest! Inventions like foot soles that protect your feet from boiling hot sand, an umbrella that uses solar energy to cool you down, and even a bracelet that keeps your keys safe all actually exist! Talented designers from all over the world have come up with lots of genius inventions to make our vacation days even better.

Every year, new creative summer gizmos appear all around the world, proving our lives can be easier and more fun. Here at Bright Side, we’ve gathered a list of 17 nifty inventions that could make your summer even better!

1. The pocketed pillow

This pillow is not as simple as it seems. Not only can it keep your belongings safe, but it also comes in handy during an at-home massage session. It’s designed to relax your neck muscles when lying face down, so it can even be used to relieve neck pain.

2. Portable face-shader

Don’t you hate it when you get a tan around your sunglasses? If you don’t want your face to have tan lines but still love sunbathing, this thing may come in really handy.

3. Inflatable floating tent

Now here’s an idea for those who love the sea, but hate sunbathing. Now you can float on the water without dousing yourself in sunscreen!

4. Smart “Kafya” Umbrella

Saudi Arabia scientist Kamel Badawi created an umbrella that can harness solar energy. It generates enough electricity to power its built-in fan, flashlight, and can even charge your phone!

5. The Solar Hat

A creative team called “SOLSOL brings you another way to harness solar energy. It’s simple: you plug your phone into the hat, and let the sun work its magic!

6. GoSun Stove

Have you ever thought it was so hot outside you could fry eggs with the sun’s heat alone? GoSun totally nailed the idea and came up with portable solar energy ovens. How cool is that?!

7. Solar powered backpack

Here’s another invention that uses solar energy to make your vacation more comfortable. Who said that you can’t bring your gadgets on a hike?

8. Skinners sock-shoes

Sometimes your luggage capacity is limited, and ordinary shoes are too thick and heavy. This is why “Skinners” came up with their protective sock design that can be worn everywhere from a forest to a dive.

9. Shoe lights

In case you are planning a night hike, Uncle Milton’s shoe lights will show you the way! Just don’t forget to take extra batteries with you.

10. SafeGo portable safe

Sometimes we don’t travel to the safest places, and no one wants to stay without money or important documents in foreign countries. SAFEGO designed an anti-theft bag for us to enjoy our vacations to the fullest.

11. Pocketbands

Now here’s a genius item that anyone would love to take with them on vacation! Pocketbands are bracelets for your keys and money. Raise your hand if you desperately needed this on every one of your morning jogs! This gadget can be used everywhere from the sea to a nightclub, so say, “bye-bye” to minor worries!

12. Avex multipurpose drinking cup

Safety is a big concern for all of us, so more and more designers are trying to meet consumer needs. If the bracelet and bag mentioned above aren’t quite your style, here’s a bottle for your card, money, and keys by AVEX.

13. Micro USB portable fan

Enjoy the refreshing breeze indoors or outside by plugging a portable fan into your laptop or your phone.

14. Float with a built-in high-end Bluetooth sound system

Hey, music fans! If you cannot imagine a perfect beach day without your favorite melodies, SoundFloat was designed just for you. It comes in 3 varieties: an armchair, a single bed, and a double bed. It’s packed with a stereo system, a charger, and even a drink holder. Isn’t this invention heaven on earth?

15. A floating mini bar

What’s a pool party without drinks? Kelsyus designed a floating cooler for you to stay in the water as long as you want.

16. Protective foot pad

Remember those cool socks we mentioned earlier on the list? Here’s a cool option from Nakefit for hot summer days. These adhesive soles can be used everywhere. Imagine you were lying on the beach and decided it was finally time to go home...

Your feet are still wet and covered with sand so you can’t put your shoes on...but your car sits far away next to the hot, dirty pavement. These soles can keep your feet clean and protect them from heat, cuts, and dirt. Awesome!

17. Inflatable water-boarding suit

Hey, cheer up! Practical stuff is cool and all, but what about entertainment? Meet the SumoTube! If you’ve always wanted to try surfing but were too afraid, take the tube and go bodysurfing!

If that’s not fun enough, you can also try wakeboarding (well, tube-boarding then?), and calmly float when you’re tired of moving so much.

Would you like to buy any of these inventions? Or maybe you’d care to share some other cool things that caught your attention this summer? Tell us in the comments!