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18 Clever Hacks That Can Save Your Day

Buttons are not just for clothes, drinking straws are not just for sipping your favorite beverage, and cake molds can do a lot more than hold and bake your tasty cakes! Do you have your doubts? Then, this article is for you.

We at Bright Side have found several everyday tips that were invented by people who are sure that every single thing can serve more than one purpose.

18. To prevent clothes from sliding off hangers

Some things slide off hangers really often. In order to prevent your favorite sweater from sliding, all you have to do is attach rubber bands as shown in the photo above. The bands will act as a barrier to keep your clothes from sliding down.

17. To close a bag

You can use 2 straws to make a lock for snack bags. Here is what you need to do:

  • Take a straw and roll it up inside the snack bag, as shown in the photo;
  • Cut a second straw lengthwise across the bottom;
  • Put the cut straw on the top of the pack.

16. To quickly find the end of packing tape

Looking for the end of clear packing tape is probably one of the most irritating things in the world. To avoid having to do this, just put a paper clip on the end the next time you use it. This way, you won’t have to break your fingers trying to peel the tape.

15. To keep plastic bags

Cardboard boxes from tissues can also be given a second life. For example, they are great place to store plastic bags and you can use different boxes for different kinds of bags.

14. To keep bobby pins

Nobody has come up with a better idea for keeping hairpins than whoever came up with a tic tac pack. This plastic box will always keep your hairpins safe. It’s also really easy to get them out of there.

13. To fit 2 bowls in the microwave at once

In order to heat up 2 bowls of food quickly, put one of the bowls on top of a mug, so that the 2 bowls fit together. As it turns out, you don’t even need a huge microwave to be able to do this.

12. To prevent bottles and cans from rolling on the fridge shelf

There are many ways to use bunder clips. Here is one of them: attach one big clip to your fridge shelf and place a bottle or a can next to it. You can even make a pyramid and the cans won’t roll.

11. To cook 2 pizzas in the oven at once

If you bought 2 frozen pizzas, there is an easy way to cook both of them at once. Just cut both of them in halves and place them on the oven shelf as shown in the photo above.

10. To prevent your windshield from getting foggy

Do you still throw the little paper bags from shoe boxes away? It’s probably because you don’t know about their cool features.

For example, if you put these bags near the windshield in your car, they can stop it from getting foggy. It’s because they contain small pieces of silica gel that absorb moisture very well.

9. To get rid of humidity in your gym bag

If you put these silica gel bags into your gym bag, they will absorb the most of the moisture and remove the bad smell.

8. To prevent earphones from getting tangled

You can use a wine cork to make a small earphone holder.

  • Make cuts on both sides of the cork;
  • Put the wires into the cuts;
  • Wind the wire around the cork;
  • Attach the plug to the second cut.

7. To avoid looking for earrings

In order to keep your jewelry box clean and avoid having to look for a lost earring, you can keep the pair attached to a button. This way, they will always be near each other.

6. To clean a pot

You can reuse the nets that come with the fruits and vegetables that you buy. For example, you can use this net to wash metal pots without scratching them.

5. To prevent losing small things

You can use LEGO pieces to make a great holder for little things. Attach one long piece in a convenient place using glue or a magnet and attach the little things you always lose to the little pieces.

By the way, the hands of LEGO people are great for holding a charger wire.

4. To prevent candles from leaving stains on tables

You can make a romantic dinner even if you don’t have any candle holders in your house. If the candles can stand on their own, you can use silicon molds: they will protect the table from wax stains. By the way, the wax doesn’t stick to the molds, so it will be easy to wash them after.

3. To remove static from clothes

This method actually works pretty well. In order to remove the static from clothes, all you need to do is attach a paper clip to the inside.

2. To have a pleasant smell

If you light candles in cups full of coffee beans, the beans will heat up and create a subtle coffee smell.

1. To cut eggs quickly

It’s hard to cut eggs on your own because they constantly break into little pieces. In this case, housewives use special egg cutters, but even if you have this contraption, you need to cut every single egg separately. But in order to cut all the eggs at the same time, you just need to use a grill.

Do you have any examples of using ordinary things in an unusual way? We are sure you have enough ideas for an entirely new article! Share them in the comment section below!

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