18 handmade lampshades that look better than those from IKEA

There's nothing worse than when we know what we want to buy, but there's nothing similar in a store. We have the perfect image in our mind, we see it in great detail, but we cannot find it anywhere. Our imagination can help us! We can make lots of great things with our own hands.

Bright Side collected for you some wonderful lampshades you can easily make yourself. Maybe here you'll find the lampshade you were dreaming about.


The whole world's above your head. Click here to make this lampshade.

Top hat

Design in roses

You'll easily make this lampshade if you follow the tutorial.


By following this instruction you'll easily make this shaggy chandelier.

Artificial flowers

See here how to make a lampshade for real girls.


This stylish lampshade can light your way to future travels. Follow the tutorial.


Want this lampshade? Click here.


It's easy to make this mysterious lampshade.

Zip ties

I cannot believe this beautiful lampshade is made of common zip ties.


Light a mysterious twig forest with this tutorial.

Tea set

It's easy to make this designer lampshade at home.

Juice box

Tetra Pak containers are the perfect material to make this lampshade.


You can make this original photo album by following the tutorial.


Raffaello wrappers

You have a sweet tooth? Then you surely have a lot of candy and muffin wrappers. You can make this nice lampshade out of them.

Test tubes


Follow this tutorial to create a delicious lampshade.


We found a video especially for you to learn how to make a cloud lamp.

Preview photo credit Pani Jurek, diybellequeen.tumblr.com
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