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18 “Living Green” Hacks That Will Save Both Earth and You

Earth’s population is growing and producing more waste than ever. An aggregate 8 million metric tons of plastic enters our planet’s oceans each year. There are people who believe in climate change and those who don’t. But we must all admit that the amount of waste each of us produces during our life is staggering. If nothing is done about the way we live, then future generations will suffer from the amount of waste we are currently producing. By going all green in your home, you will help Earth and your great-grandchildren enjoy living on this beautiful planet.

It’s time to start thinking about what kind of Earth the next generations will end up living on. If you’re ready to go green, we at Bright Side can help you by showing 18 “living green” hacks that you can adopt one at a time.

18. Bring a tote bag.

Ditch using plastic bags when going food shopping. Instead, opt for a fabric tote bag or string bag. Even celebrities like Anne Hathaway choose not to pollute Earth with plastic bags.

17. Switch to “zero waste” shops.

It’s even better if you choose to shop at “zero waste” grocery shops and farmers’ markets. Remember to bring your totes, glass containers, and paper bags for the produce you purchase.

16. Plan your meals.

One of the easiest ways not to waste food is to make a weekly meal plan. Thus, you can buy the exact amount of food you need, and none will go into the trash.

15. Buy seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Buying seasonal vegetables and fruits will also be an act of sustainable consciousness. Just imagine how much energy and water is wasted when you eat strawberries in winter or kale in summer.

14. Turn to sustainable clothing and shoe brands.

The fashion world is also slowly turning to sustainable development. Choose brands that have green initiatives. Bring back some of your clothes to the shops — you will be doing our planet a big favor by not dumping that acrylic sweater you wore last winter.

13. Get reusable hygiene products.

One disposable diaper takes up to 500 million years to decompose. That’s scary, isn’t it? And now imagine how many diapers are dumped into landfills each year. The same applies to sanitary pads for women. Switch to reusable diapers and menstrual cups. It might seem a bit inconvenient at the beginning, but, with time, you will thank us for this tip.

12. Turn to eco-friendly fabrics.

Wearing fabrics that have zero impact on the environment may be another sustainable choice of yours. For example, a leather-like pineapple fabric is becoming a favorite amongst designers.

11. Go paperless.

Noting down things on a piece of paper is definitely last century. Why waste paper if all you need to do is install an app on your phone that will store all your information and even notify you if you need to go food shopping?

10. Use bicycles and public transport.

Avoid using cars and planes. Instead, go for bikes and public transport such as the subway or trams. This will make your carbon footprint much smaller compared to other people. You can calculate yours online and compare it to the average carbon footprint for one person.

9. Buy or make natural detergents and cosmetics.

Using or not using cosmetics and commercial washing detergents is your choice. But if you go for all-natural ones, you will be winning. Not only will your skin be happy about it, but the environmental impact will also be less aggressive.

8. Shower instead of taking a bath.

By showering instead of taking a bath, you will save more water a year than you could imagine. Moreover, before taking a shower, put a bucket under your showerhead, and switch it on. Once the water is warm enough for you, set the bucket aside. Take your shower, and then use the water in the bucket to refill your toilet’s water tank. Voila! You just saved even more water!

7. Get a reusable thermal cup for your coffee.

Plastic cups are still widely used for coffee takeouts. Invest in a good thermal cup, and ask the baristas to fill it with your morning caffeine treat. They will be happy to do it for you.

6. Reuse plastic and glass jars and containers.

You might be surprised to learn that people in other countries have been reusing plastic food containers for storing pasta, grains, and sweets for many years.

5. Grow herbs, small veggies, and fruits at home.

Not only will you have your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables, but the air in your home will become cleaner.

4. Compost the food leftovers.

This might seem like a yucky thing to do, but once you set up a composting container, you will see how much good it does. You can use that compost to feed your weeds or even spread it on the lawn next to your house.

3. Unplug all electrical devices when you’re not at home.

Did you know that electrical appliances still consume energy when plugged in, even if you switch them off? This includes TVs, laptops, and even electrical ovens. Make it a habit to unplug all appliances before you leave the house. It will save electricity and prevent disasters like fires.

2. Reuse cardboard boxes.

If there is no way you can recycle a cardboard box, reuse it by making it into a gift box for your friends and family.

1. Reuse toilet and kitchen towel rolls.

Another popular trash can “friend” that can be reused — a toilet or kitchen towel roll. There are hundreds of ways to reuse them at home. For example, you can use them to plant seeds.


After you’ve gone completely green, you won’t produce more than a small glass jar of waste every couple of years — or even less than that!

Bonus 1

Recycling is one of the stages of a real “green living” lifestyle. An Italian company has designed a new way of upcycling a dead body. Once a person dies, the body is placed inside a special capsule. It turns into compost for a tree that can then be grown out of the capsule. This way, our planet will have more forests, and we’ll avoid the rapid deforestation that our world has been experiencing for a while now.

Bonus 2

Imagine turning a plastic bottle into a piece of art by using a 3D printer pen. This could revolutionize the way we upcycle plastic bottles, and keep the landfills and oceans clean.

We enjoyed sharing these “green” hacks with you. Please share with us whether you will adopt any of them. Maybe you already have!

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