18 Rules of Good Manners Appreciated All Over the World

Bright Side is sure that you don't have to observe all moral values to be a person with good manners. You just need to know a couple of rules that will emphasize your courtesy in any society.

In a sports center (gym, fitness studio, swimming pool, sauna):

  • There is no "your" spot in a group fitness class: if you're late, you have to take a free spot so as not to interfere with anyone.
  • If you see that someone's exercise machine is broken or a step-up platform is installed improperly, don't stand aside – help. But you shouldn't give advice on how to do an exercise: there is always a coach who can explain.
  • Pool lanes are not for talking, kissing, or hugging: you'll confuse and disturb others.
  • A steam room isn't a place for long talks either, especially if there are other people present.
  • Women shouldn't take their sons who are older than 4 to a ladies' locker room.

When someone is sick:

  • If your colleague is sick, don't bother them with a long discussion. A question about their health and "get well soon" wishes will be enough.
  • If you decide to visit your friend in the hospital and bring them a tasty treat and there is another patient in the room, you should ask the second patient whether they would like anything. If there are many people in a ward, you may avoid such questions if no one asks you personally.

If you have a kid with you:

  • Kids shouldn't play games or watch cartoons without headphones if there are people around.
  • A kid should wear underwear both on the beach and near a swimming pool. Baby buttocks don't need sunlight. Besides, it's inappropriate.

When it comes to borrowing money:

  • If you lend money, it's OK to ask when the person is going to repay you.
  • As a general rule, if time limits aren't specified, people should repay the money in a month.
  • It's common to repay the money in banknotes of high denominations and in a discreet manner.

Rules of good manners that aren't described in textbooks:

  • If someone pays for you, choose a less expensive dish. But if they want you to order a huge steak, don't reject their offer if you really want it.
  • If a person shows you a picture on their phone, don't keep scrolling through all their photos because their owner may not like it.
  • Don't visit friends empty-handed. Even if a host says they don't need anything, buy a small present anyway. Then you'll always be a welcome guest.
  • If you visit a public restroom, don't use a toilet stall that is next to another person. And don't talk to them. It's embarrassing. Very embarrassing.
  • It's inappropriate to smarten up, brush your hair, or clean your nails in public.
  • When you talk to people, it's better to call your wife or husband by name. Avoid using the word "spouse."
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