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18 wonderful Christmas cards you can make in just 30 minutes

18 wonderful Christmas cards you can make in just 30 minutes

With a little searching, you can find virtually any type of Christmas card, of every possible colour, texture, size and shape. They come in such a huge variety that they no longer surprise anyone. However, there is one thing these cards do not have...

We at Bright Side believe that handmade cards are more fun. When we make something with our own hands, we think about the person it’s meant for and invest our warmth and love in it.

Below, we have put together some ideas for beautiful, original and most importantly, quick-to-make Christmas cards, none of which will take you more than half an hour to make.

Santa Claus

This cute Santa Claus card is really easy to make. The red cap and pink face are stripes of paper glued onto a card or gift bag. The fur hat and beard are made in the following way: take some watercolour paper (it’s got more texture than normal printing paper for extra effect. You can buy this paper in any stationery shop) and just tear it into strips to create the jagged edges. Stick them onto the card, on top of the red and pink stripes. Then draw two squiggles — for the mouth and nose, and two dots for the eyes.

Christmas lights

Another simple idea is to use the image of Christmas fairy lights. All you need to draw is the cord, and then simply dip your fingertips in some paint, and voila! — the little lights are as good as done already. By the way, drawing such cards can be lots of fun for your children as well, including even toddlers.


You can add the extra dimension to this funny snowman card by putting small cardboard circles between the bigger ones. Better yet, if you happen to have some double-sided sticky tape, then you won’t need to do even that.

Button postcards

We bet that every house has a dusty box full of a variety of old buttons. It’s time to dig them out — they’re finally going to come in handy. In particular, they can make your Christmas cards truly elegant. You can, for example, make a button snowman and Christmas toys with them.

Multi-coloured Christmas trees

These lovely Christmas trees can be made out of scraps of wallpaper, pieces of coloured paper, clippings from fashion magazines, or special scrapbooking paper with prints.

Lovely little felt postcards

These elegant cards can be easily made from brightly coloured felt, which is sold in handicraft stores.

Another Santa Claus

Feel like creating something really cool this Christmas? Try these Santa Claus cut-out cards. We’re especially fond of the one on the left. To make it, you’ll need to cut the beard, moustache and glasses out of white paper and stick them on to a coloured background with glue or double-sided tape.

3D snowflakes

The main trick here is to make the snow flakes look 3D. To achieve that effect, stick the snowflakes onto small pieces of cardboard before attaching them to the card.

Funny reindeers

Remember the Christmas lights? Reindeers are just as easy to make using your fingerprints. Just dip a finger in paint, and draw the remaining parts. Children will be happy to take part in the process, too.

Your photo

Adding Christmassy details to a family photo will turn the picture into a stylish postcard. You can do that it in one of the many mobile apps for image editing. For example, here.

Your photo — an alternative approach

If you’re not the type to mess around with apps, you can just stick your photo on a piece of construction paper (or simply print it out).

Little gifts

Cards with gifts on them are easy to make from scraps of coloured paper and threads or ribbons.

Potato print cards

You’ll get this cute print if you dip half of potato in gouache paint. All you will need to do after that is paint on the remaining parts once the paint is dry. Oh, and by the way, these can be easily made with your children’s help.

A bear in a sweater

All you need to do here is cut out the shape of the bear, and then paint simple patterns and doodles with a regular or felt-tip pen, the likes of which you usually draw in your address book when talking on the phone.

Newspaper cards

Incredibly stylish and quick-to-make cards can be created from old newspapers.

A branch from the Christmas tree

The Christmas spirit (and aroma) can be added to the card by simply attaching a pine twig. Buttons come in handy here, too.

Black, red and white minimalism

In order to create these delightful cards, you will only need a black pen, red buttons and... a good template.


One of the main Christmas symbols, these bauble cards can be made out of coloured paper, fabric or felt, all which we’re already well familiar with. Cut-out cards look especially attractive — you simply need to cut out a circle on the front side and draw patterns or stick a piece of fabric or paper on the inside page.

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