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13 Easy Zip-Tie Hacks That Can Save Your Time and Money

Zip ties, or cable ties, are incredibly cheap, but their real value goes beyond our expectations. These little plastic thingies come in every size, color, and length you could ever want, they’re easy to use, and surprisingly strong. No wonder they can come to our rescue in almost any daily situation.

Bright Side found 13 creative ways to use zip ties that you’ll probably want to try right away.

13. Secure your luggage.

12. Make tire chains to improve traction in the winter.

11. Cut diagonal notches along the sides of a zip tie and use it as a drain snake.

10. Tie-dye your t-shirt.

9. Create a handle for your cup.

8. Attach your chargers to their sockets so that you won’t have to hunt them down at night.

7. Keep the zipper up on your jeans.

6. Put your hair in a ponytail.

5. Make a bubble wand.

4. Keep your wires in order.

3. Make hooks for a shower curtain.

2. Organize your brooms.

1. Make a lampshade.

Do you know any other ways to use zip ties? Share your favorite hacks in the comments!

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