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19 Indispensable Tips for Storing Your Beauty Items

A modern woman can scarcely imagine her daily life without cosmetics. And, all too often, we find ourselves facing the problem of storing our ever-expanding makeup arsenal in an easy and practical way.

Today, Bright Side is happy to offer you a selection of trendy and innovative ideas to help you keep track of all those tubes, jars, and bottles!

Transparent boxes

A transparent organizer box can be perfect for storing cosmetics. Being both spacious and compact, such boxes can house all of your most-used accessories.

The presence of multiple compartments allows you to sort cosmetics by type. All of your lipsticks, shadows, and mascaras will find their places, all the while being easily accessed.

Drawer dividers and cutlery organizer trays

Using drawer dividers can offer a quick and easy way to bring order to your makeup arsenal. Or you can go even further and set aside several compartments to hold particular kinds of cosmetics.

As for oblong objects (such as lipsticks, lip pencils, and even curling irons), use plastic or wooden cutlery organizer trays. It’ll fit in your desk or dressing table drawer — just make sure you find a tray of the right size.

Magnetic beauty boards

You can either buy a magnetic board or make your very own one. For the latter, simply take a rectangular sheet of metal, cover it with a similarly sized cloth, encase the board in a frame, and mount it on a wall. Next, fit all your cosmetics with small magnets and attach them to the board.

You can find more detailed advice on making your own beauty board here.

Rainbow boxes

Take an ordinary shoe box and cover it with nice-looking wrapping paper. Now it’s your nail polish storage! Don’t forget to color-code each bottle — this will help you to always find the shade you’re looking for.

To read more about making your perfect rainbow box, click here.

Glass jars

Makeup brushes are best stored vertically in a perfectly dry condition, so that they don’t stain each other and serve their purpose at all times. To ensure this, you can use glass jars filled with decorative pebbles or coffee beans. And if you’re worried about dust, opt for a tall jar with a lid.

Makeup chests

You can also make use of suitcases and chests. Filled with your most-needed accessories, they can provide for all your makeup needs. And, when not in use, your magic chest or suitcase can easily be stored under your bed (where it won’t be a nuisance to anyone)!

Acrylic shelves

Increase your wardrobe’s storage space by fitting it with numerous acrylic shelflettes. This solution is both practical and ergonomic!

Makeup and shoe organizers

Vertical plastic makeup organizing bags can be used for keeping all of your less regularly used accessories. When not needed, a plastic organizer bag can be rolled up and put in a wardrobe.

Hair styling products, combs, blow dryers, and other hair care accessories can be kept inside a shoe organizer (you can attach it to your bathroom door).

Wine bottle racks

To keep your hair care products from taking up too much space, arrange them on a wine bottle rack. Such an item would make a stylish addition to your bathroom.

Ice cube trays

To ensure that none of your eye shadows get lost, arrange them in an ice cube tray and put it in a dressing table drawer. You can sort the eye shadows by shade or manufacturer — this will help you to always find the item you’re looking for.

Desktop paper organizers

If there are professional makeup palettes in your arsenal, consider storing them inside desktop paper organizers. You can also use vertical file sorters for keeping curling wands, styling irons, styling tongs, and other oblong hair care appliances.

Cake stands

Cake stands and multi-level canapé buffet displays can also be utilized for storing cosmetics. Kept in such a way, your favorite fragrances and shades will always be handy.


Moldings and skirting boards left over from a house renovation can gain a second life as wall-mounted shelves. They are perfect for storing nail polish bottles and larger lipsticks and eyeliner pencils.

Frame displays

Moldings can also be useful for organizing your smaller makeup paraphernalia. For instance, you can use such DIY shelves for storing your entire collection of nail polishes. You can set the contraption into a decorative frame and paint it an eye-pleasing color to make it a fitting addition to your home decor.

Glasses cases

When traveling, it is best to keep your makeup brushes carefully packed inside an old sunglasses case. Such an option is perfect for storing your eyeliner and brow pencils too.

Spice jars

Large spice jars are ideal for storing nail polish bottles! Say goodbye to dressing table drawer chaos and dusty cardboard boxes — simply put all your bottles into a large transparent jar and enjoy the newfound simplicity!

DIY cosmetics organizer

This solution will prove handy to those whose makeup collection is relatively small. You can use such wall-mounted boxes for keeping all sorts of accessories, including shadows, nail polishes, and rouges. A simple and convenient design!

Shower curtain clasps

Attach some extra clasps to your shower curtain rod. Now you can use them to suspend various plastic bottles (such as cosmetic cleansers, shampoos, etc). This will free up space and prove useful at bathtime!

Drinking straws for traveling purposes

If you’re about to go traveling and don’t know how to take all your much-needed cosmetics with you to the airport, use plastic drinking straws. A simple and detailed guide on how to make your own little dispensable bottles can be found here.

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