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19 Ingenious Kitchen Hacks That Will Make You Say “Wow!“

There are thousands of articles on the Internet covering all sorts of life hacks, tips, and tricks for making our life easier. However, people seem to never cease inventing new ways to simplify their everyday tasks.

Here are some of the most ingenious lifesavers that we at Bright Side have put together to literally change your world. We guarantee that these are the solutions you’ve longed for!

Whether you’re too hungry or just waiting for guests, this hack will allow you to cook two pizzas at once!

Simply cut your pizzas in half, and put them on a baking sheet as shown in the picture.

Slicing a bell pepper properly

Start by topping and tailing your bell pepper, and then run your knife along the inside of the flesh.

Removing excess oil

Simply put a little rice in each compartment of the muffin tin.

Using an apple slicer not only for apples

With this simple trick, you will be able to cut potatoes into perfect wedges in no time.

Serving refreshing beverages out of a watermelon

Carefully cut a hole in the watermelon large enough to fit your beater blade inside, add the necessary ingredients, and mix everything well.

Using two lids to halve cherry tomatoes quickly

You can also use this method for cutting olives, cherries, or grapes.

Use a paper towel to keep lettuce fresh and crisp

Simply cover your salad greens with a paper towel and leave for a while. The towel will absorb the excess moisture and help keep your leaf vegetables from rotting quickly.

Do you like tangerines and oranges? Here is the fastest and cleanest way to peel them!

Cut the top and bottom of the fruit, cut a vertical slit on one side, then gently roll it out. Click here for details.

Making coffee ice cubes

Simply put your coffee ice cubes into warm milk and enjoy a delicious beverage prepared in less than a minute.

Peeling a mango with a drinking glass

Forget about sticky fingers! Cut the mango into three pieces, and gently slide each of them down the side of the glass. Ta-da! Enjoy this sweet and juicy fruit!

Peeling a kiwi with a spoon

Cut off both ends of the fruit. Slip a spoon in between the skin and the flesh of the kiwi. Now slide the spoon around the fruit to separate the flesh from the skin, and then repeat for the other side. We guarantee — you will be amazed with the result!

A hot glass will help you to soften butter in just a few minutes

Simply place a hot glass over the butter that just came out cold and hard from the refrigerator and watch it soften in a matter of minutes.

Getting double benefits from a standard cookie tray

Simply fill one of the holes of the cookie tray with the milk and enjoy your dessert.

Using an empty water bottle to easily separate egg whites from egg yolks

Touch the mouth of the water bottle to the egg yolk, and lightly squeeze the bottle.

Giving a second life to empty ketchup bottles

An emptied ketchup bottle that was thoroughly washed makes a great squeeze dispenser for pancake batter.

Using plastic seal bags to store sliced vegetables in the freezer or refrigerator

Simply slice your veggies, put them into plastic sealed bags, and store in the freezer or refrigerator. With this trick, you will always have fresh veggies on hand for a healthy dinner.

Removing strawberry stems with a drinking straw

All you will need is to spear the straw right through the center of the strawberry.

The simplest way to peel a banana

One way to peel the banana easily is by squeezing the bottom of it.

Cutting a banana without peeling it

To cut a banana into pieces without peeling it, stick a toothpick through both the peel and the banana, and move the toothpick from side to side. Repeat at intervals, and then peel your sliced banana.

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