20 awesome ideas on how to turn regular old trash into treasure

Sometimes inspiration comes quite unexpectedly. At such moments you can't sit still because you want to create something, or you simply want to clean up and declutter your home. But what if there are no materials at hand to bring your ideas to life? Just look around! You might find that there are some things you don’t need, but you have no idea what to do with them. Instead of just dumping unused items in the trash, why not transform them into something that's both beautiful and functional?

We at Bright Side have collected 20 awesome ideas to breathe new life into old things.

Garden planter

The time when people used CDs and DVDs for backup has gradually passed by, giving way to digital cloud services. So if you have an empty CD rack lying around collecting dust, transform it into a beautiful garden planter.

Using old T-shirts to crochet a rug

If you have a couple of old T-shirts languishing in the back of your closet, don't throw them away. Turn your worn-out tees into a colorful and functional crochet rug! Simply collect a few unused items, and make a bright original rug that will work in almost any room.

Colorful button bowl

Got a lot of old buttons hiding around the house? With a little bit of imagination and effort you can easily turn them into colorful plates for serving fruits, candies, or snacks. Watch this video to learn how to create this original bowl.

Floating cork keychain

If you like doing water activities or just relaxing by the water, then this simple idea is just for you. Make this original cork keychain, and spend your day fishing, kayaking, or splashing around without worrying that your keys will fall into the water. But remember that it is better to use a glass of water to test your creation first.

Incredibly handy spice containers

You can easily repurpose Tic-Tac containers to store anything from garden seeds to paper clips. Just turn on your imagination and start creating! Here, for example, you can find a detailed instruction on how to turn empty Tic-Tac packs into beautiful and functional containers for storing various spices that you need while cooking.

Using an egg carton to store cupcakes

Sure, a cupcake carrier made out of an egg carton may sound a bit strange and unappealing, but you'll be pleasantly surprised at the fabulous end result. Just give your cartons a cute coat of paint, add some decorations, and keep those tasty mini muffins, cupcakes, and other sweets snug as a bug.

Decorative paper cup garland lights

Every day hundreds of thousands of people put their coffee cup into a recycling bin.

However, we can easily recycle those takeout cups into useful and stylish things. Check out this idea, and think twice before the next time you throw away your coffee cup.

Tabletop with broken plate mosaic

Don't throw away that shattered china or ceramic plate. In fact, broken china fragments and pottery shards can be reused in many different ways. For example, shattered dishes make perfect tiles for creating one-of-a-kind mosaics for decorating your tabletop.

Sewing supplies organizer

Keep your sewing machine needles and other small items organized and at hand by making a pretty organizer out of an empty chocolate box.

Paint tray liner

Use this simple trick if you do a lot of painting and hate scrubbing paint off your tray. Just line your paint tray with a plastic garbage bag, and save yourself a good deal of effort cleaning it up.

Awesome idea for gardeners

Old flowerpots are an ideal solution to organize the plants in your garden. Use this simple trick, and you will never forget which plants you put where.

Original globe lights

People can find a way to recycle almost anything, even a broken globe. Check out this article to learn how to turn a damaged globe into two stunning lampshades that can liven up any room.

Vacuum cleaner extension tube

Some spots are really tough to vacuum, no matter what extension you use. But putting a toilet paper tube on the end of your vacuum cleaner’s suction tube can solve this problem once and for all.

Removing nail polish with ease

Put a kitchen sponge into a baby food jar, leaving a hole in the center. Then pour nail polish remover into the jar, and insert your finger into the center of the rolled sponge. Rub for about 30-60 seconds until all the polish is gone. This method removes all types of polishes — even the most stubborn glitters — without mess.

Bird feeder

Making a nice bird feeder out of an empty wine or whiskey bottle is very easy and will cost you nothing. This design will not only delight you and your neighbors but make the local birds happy as well.

Handy yarn holder

Use an empty baby wipes container to make a functional yarn holder. This is a great way to keep your yarn clean, organized, and tangle-free.

Wall-mounted magazine holder

Instead of putting empty cereal boxes in your garbage bin, recycle them into a stylish magazine holder or a mailbox that will fit almost any interior. Check out this blog for more details.

Phone charger holder

There's never a perfect place to rest your phone while it's charging. Keep your cell phone off the floor or counter while it's charging by using this simple trick.

Soda can wall art

This stunning picture was created from empty soda cans.

Crayon holder

One way to organize your kid's drawing tools such as crayons and pencils is by using an old knife block.

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