20+ Awkward Reasons Why You Could Get Arrested at the Border

20+ Awkward Reasons Why You Could Get Arrested at the Border

What could be worse than being stopped at the border out of nowhere, effectively ruining your vacation?

Bright Side collected some unusual reasons why you could be denied entry to some countries. Beware!

Problems with your documents

While a computer checks that your documents are legitimate, a border guard carefully studies your ID photograph to compare it with your face. Colored contact lenses and a fake mustache would not raise much concern among experienced security staff. However, plastic or dental surgery could become a cause for detention and get you a few hours of additional inspection at the airport.

Unforeseen problems with your luggage

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Before you go on a trip, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the customs regulations and baggage allowances. You want to be prepared so you don’t take anything that is prohibited into your destination country. Otherwise, your luggage may be confiscated, your entry may be denied, and you may even go to jail.

Bonus: Airport mystery

This footage was taken at Varna Airport, Bulgaria. We see Lars Mittank, a German tourist who arrived at the airport with luggage and minutes after was caught on camera leaving the airport in a hurry. This man was never found or seen again, neither by his family nor by the police.

That is one forgotten passport gone terribly wrong.

Preview photo credit Varna Airport
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