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20 Brilliant Ideas for Parents and Their Kids

20 Brilliant Ideas for Parents and Their Kids

Parents are not only strict teachers, but often very inventive people who always think of new and fascinating ways to improve their everyday life and make it brighter.

We at Bright Side have collected 20 amazing ideas of such improvements for you to take a look at.

Drawing canvas

If your kid loves drawing, you will definitely like the idea of a paper roll and a picture frame on your wall.

Colorful sneakers

Take a couple of felt-tip pens and some alcohol, and you can create your own unique pattern on white sneakers.

Magnetic cups

If your kids can’t reach the high kitchen shelves, use some magnets and glue them to your kids’ cups. They won’t break this way, and you can hang them on any metallic surface — for example, the fridge.

A no-spill cup

Use plastic cups with lids from coffee, ice cream, or yoghurt for making works of art — glue, paint, or water won’t spill on the table.

If your kid slips in their shoes, use a glue gun — a couple of glue strips on the soles will help prevent a fall.

A bed-desk

You can easily remake your kid’s bed into a writing desk.

You can mark the days and times of taking the pills on their vials and go through the whole cycle without a problem.

Colored chalks

Colored chalks stain both hands and clothes. To avoid this, make a chalk yourself and put it into an empty deodorant stick.

A hammock

Making such a hammock is simple — just use a blanket or a quilt.

A seesaw

An old wheel and a wooden board...and you’ve got your own seesaw! Your kids will love it, and it will liven up your backyard.

Protection against opening

To prevent your little ones from opening cupboards with dangerous things inside, use a hair tie.


Throw some glow sticks into the tub, and your kids will fall in love with bathing.

A multilevel garage

Now each toy car has its own parking spot.

A cozy nest

You can create a magic corner with a canopy and lots of bright bulbs as a place for rest.

A web labyrinth

A great idea for a kids’ party. Don’t mess yourself up, though!

Sticky drop guard

Use a paper cupcake case to prevent ice cream from dripping on your kid’s hands.

Jell-O popsicles

There’s nothing better than a handmade popsicle on a hot day.

A sandbox bench

Your kids can play in this sandbox and then close it to sit and sunbathe on it.

Protection from sun and insects

Cover the baby cot with a sheet for your kid to avoid heatstroke and bug bites.

Hand gum

Check here to see the detailed guide on how to make your own hand gum.

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