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20 Cleaning Hacks That Can Save You a Ton of Money and Time

Cleaning can get really expensive if you buy all sorts of specific cleansers. But most of us already have everything that's necessary to get rid of dirt and stains. Don’t spend your time and money on unneeded cleaning products. These easy and all-natural recipes will leave your house spotless.

We at Bright Side really admire people who take cleaning their home to the next level.


  • If you have leftover Coke, pour it inside your toilet and let it sit there for a few hours (or if possible overnight). This will also help you to get to the remote places, where the toilet brush won't fit.
  • Simple baking soda is an effective cleaning agent that you can use to deodorize your toilet. Spread several tablespoons of soda around the toilet bowl and wait for 10 minutes. Then brush it. For better results add a few drops of essential oils.
  • To make your shower tiles shiny and transparent apply a mix of lemon juice and baking soda. Make a paste out of these 2 simple ingredients and rub the surfaces of your shower and bath. No more harsh chemicals in the tiny enclosed space of your shower cabin!


  • Use baking soda to get effortlessly clean oven trays. Spread a generous amount of soda all over the surface and pour a small amount of boiling water on top. After you add water, intensive bubbling should start. Set aside for one hour, then rinse.
  • To descale your tea kettle mix half vinegar and half water, pour inside, and boil. Remove the water, wash it, and boil another kettle of water before using. For harsh scale keep the vinegar mix inside the kettle for an hour before boiling.
  • Lemons, vinegar, and salt can make a great natural dishwashing detergent. Simmer 4 lemons (cut in quarters) in 2 cups of water, then blend, add salt and vinegar, and bring to boil again. Use 3 tbsp of lemon gel instead of the store-bought dishwasher pack.
  • If you enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, don’t waste the used grounds. Keep them inside the fridge to prevent odors. You can make a perfect container out of a jar, covered with a piece of fabric.
  • Vodka, and similarly vinegar, works very well to make glasses shine. Just soak a paper towel with your chosen liquid and rub the surface until you are happy with the results.


  • Greasy and oily stains can be removed with baby powder. Spread generously on the greasy spots and leave overnight. Then wash normally.
  • Bleach can cause your clothes to wear out fast and you spend a lot of money on your clothes. Try to replace bleach with a mix of baking soda and vinegar. This natural recipe will make your whites really white.
  • Clean stuffed toys with a mix of 2 parts of baking soda and 1 part of cornstarch. Place the toy and the cleaning mix inside a Ziplock bag (or a pillow case) and shake intensively. Make sure the toy is fully covered with the powder. Then brush it or vacuum it clean.
  • If you are running out of fabric softener, try this homemade option. Mix 6 cups of water, 3 cups of vinegar, and 2 cups of the hair conditioner of your choice. Add 2 tbsp of this to your wash load.

Living room

  • In order to clean your sofa, mix 6 tbsp of soap flakes with 1 pint of boiling water. The mixture will easily whip into a foam that you can apply to the fabric. Wash thoroughly and remove with a damp cloth. This easy upholstery cleaner recipe works well for carpets too.
  • Reusable cleaning wipes are a great eco-friendly way to save money. In a container pour 1 cup of boiling water, ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol, and 2 tbsp of dish soap. Soak 4-5 small pieces of fabric in this mixture. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for deodorizing.
  • Olive oil can serve as an excellent wood polish. Place a few drops on a cloth, polish your wood furniture, and make the surface shine.
  • Deep clean your carpets using simple affordable ingredients. Start with a vacuum cleaning, then make a paste out of 1/4 cup salt, 1/4 cup borax, and 1/4 cup vinegar. Rub around the dirty parts and the stains, then let dry, and vacuum clean again. Then steam clean or wash thoroughly with water.
  • Brass can turn really dark over time. To refresh it, mix the juice from 1/2 lemon with a tbsp of baking soda (you could also use salt). After bubbling it will turn into a paste. Gently scrub the paste onto the brass surface with a piece of fabric, then rinse, and dry.

Have you tried any of these? What are your favorite cleaning hacks? Share in the comments!

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