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20 Ingenious Tricks for Your Clothes That Will Save You a Ton of Money

We’ve all been in that annoying situation where we’ve had to throw out our favorite pair of jeans because they’ve become too small, or our favorite shoes that have started to inexplicably rub our feet. But you can actually find a way to return almost any item of clothing to its former splendor.

To prove this to you, we at Bright Side put together a collection of the best life hacks for your clothes. Each one takes almost no time at all.

You can use a wax crayon to fix a zipper that’s become stuck on your jacket or top.

A mixture of lemon juice and water can get rid of sweat stains on clothes and prevent discoloration.

Reduce the amount of time it takes to dry an item of clothing by folding it inside a towel and pressing down hard.

You’ll never lose another sock in the wash if you put it inside a special washable bag for underwear.

Use a drinking straw to thread the cord into your hoodie. This one works like a dream!

You can also use a safety pin to pull the cord out.

A simple plastic razor can be used to remove fluff from your clothes.

A salad spinner works really well for helping to dry out small pieces of clothing after a wash.

Vinegar can help prevent the color from running in dark clothing. Add half a glass of vinegar to the wash.

Use lavender essential oil to give your clothes a long-lasting and pleasant smell.

12 — 15 drops should be dissolved in the detergent before it is added to the washing machine.

Sticky substances, such as chewing gum, can be easily removed from clothing by freezing and then scraping them off.

Talcum powder works wonders for removing greasy stains from clothing.

Double-sized tape is perfect to solve a button gape problem.

Removing ink from a shirt can be achieved by simply applying some hand sanitizer on the stain and leaving it for ten minutes.

Grass stains can be removed with ease by using a mixture of liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide.

Mix together one tablespoon of soap with 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. Apply to the stain, leave for ten minutes, and then rinse.

The parts from a bicycle repair kit can help seal over a hole in rubber boots.

Tea bags can help get rid of the unpleasant smell inside your shoes. Just leave some there for a small amount of time.

Do you have a pair of jeans that are too small but you can’t bear to part with them? Here’s a very simple way to resolve the problem...

Shaving cream works perfectly to remove makeup stains from clothing.

A tight bodycon dress will hide underwear lines and lumps.

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