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20+ Life Hacks From Ingenious People Who Could Work at the Ministry of Creativity

Life is too short to wear old jeans and pit cherries. We just have to add a bit of imagination and creativity to our lives to make our everyday duties a bit easier.

Bright Side’s editorial team never grows tired of admiring people who can find an easy solution to any problem thanks to their resourcefulness. We surfed the Internet one more time and are ready to share some new life hacks with you.

  • Owners of dishwashers know that they should put salt in their washing machines from time to time to regenerate the ion-exchange resin that softens the water and removes white deposits from the dishes. The only problem is that this salt costs a fortune (starting from $1.50 per 2.2 lb). But you can find special tableted salt in construction shops that’s 4 times cheaper. And it’s even more convenient to add it to your washing machine. © speakingloosery / Pikabu

  • If you need to provide an e-mail address to a company to sign up for something but you never want to hear from them again, just add “spam” at the end of your username (for example, This will work as a real e-mail but will send all the messages from this company to your spam folder. © Mrs_Olson2011 / Reddit
  • Did you know that you can fix a door in just a minute with an ordinary screwdriver?

  • To prevent your jeans from getting scuff marks, rub their outsides and their seams with colorless paraffin in the places where they tend to rip the most. Paraffin will shortly get absorbed by the jeans or it’ll just get removed because of the rubbing. Your jeans will look the same and have exactly the same color but will be a bit shinier for half an hour after the procedure. To preserve the effect, you should reapply paraffin after every washing. My jeans used to get scuff marks in 2 weeks and with this little trick, they’ve already lasted for more than 6 months. © kitaro070 / Pikabu
  • To remove the smell of gasoline from your clothes, add a pinch of salt to the washing machine.

  • Below is a simple life hack to separate leaves of greenery (like dill or parsley) from the stems.

  • This is a life hack for those who have to clear the road of snow. Before you start, apply grease to the shovel (you can use sunflower oil). After that, the snow won’t stick to the shovel. © speakingloosery / Pikabu

  • Do you want to get out of the shower and brush your teeth or shave your face while looking at your reflection in the mirror without any fog? Just light a candle before you shower to keep a pocket of the mirror un-fogged. © joshdyson / Reddit

“I did this wrong my whole life...”

  • If you accidentally stained your down jacket with a ballpoint or gel pen, simply wipe the stain with any nail polish remover. The ink will disappear without leaving a trace.

  • Ground coffee is amazing at neutralizing the vomit smell in carpets or fabrics. I was once on an international flight that lasted 9 hours. On hour 3, a child threw up in the aisle. The stewardess gracefully poured 2 handfuls of coffee powder on the stain (after removing the puddle) and the smell instantly went away. © AngrySnakeNoises / Reddit

  • Use wooden drawers to make original bathroom cabinets.

  • If you need some change, put your cash into a vending machine and hit the coin return button without ordering anything. © Justin Jones / Quora
  • If you’re putting air in your tires, put some air in your spare tire as well. Some spare tires will lose air over time and you never know when you’ll need to use them. © MANDOBURGER2 / Reddit

  • As not to lose a single screw during a repair, do as these gentlemen do!
  • To prevent potatoes from germinating, put a few apples in a bag with them.

  • If you want to check if an avocado is ripe, pop off the stem and have a look at the color underneath it. An avocado that is too ripe will be brown under the stem and it’s not worth buying. An avocado that is just right will be green underneath the stem. Be sure you are looking at relatively dark avocados since the lighter green ones are under-ripe. This can help prevent you from wasting money at the grocery store. © Anu Sharma / Quora

“My life will never be the same...”

  • My doctor showed me how to get rid of ingrown nails with the help of dental floss. You slide your dental floss under the nail as far as possible and leave a piece on both sides hanging. This will alleviate the pressure and eliminate the pain. If you change dental floss daily, your nail will start to grow upwards and out of your skin. © Rexanne / Reddit

  • Dental floss is ideal for sewing since it’s cheap and durable. You can insert the needle into the container with dental floss that also has a small blade for cutting the “thread.” Now the perfect sewing kit that you can take with you anywhere is ready.

  • Mushrooms can also be sliced easily with an egg slicer. © Shalini Yadav / Quora

  • I’m a mom and I carry a garlic press in my purse. This way, when I’m out at a restaurant, I can make a small amount of baby food out of any steamed vegetable. © crinnaursa / Reddit
  • Did you know that a garlic press is a great device for pitting cherries?

Have you already tried any of the life hacks from our list? If your answer is yes, share your experience in the comments.

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