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20 People Gave Their Old Junk a Second Chance, and the Results Were Amazing

When something breaks down or becomes useless, we usually throw it away. There aren’t many people who realize this “trash” deserves a second chance. You’ll just need some creativity and the desire to turn a pile of old comics into an elegant wedding bouquet. The things depicted in this article are so simple, yet so amazing!

Bright Side has found 20 interesting photos proving old items can really impress you if you give them another chance.

20. Furniture made from old metal barrels

19. A bird made from spoons

18. An aircraft engine barbecue

17. A coffee table made out of old piano frames

16. A desk organizer made from a controller

15. A sketchbook made from recycled circuit boards

14. A blanket made out of t-shirts

13. Comfy chairs made out of old car tires

12. A bird figurine made from old CDs

11. A wine rack made from an old wine barrel

10. A bench made out of old computer towers

9. A pen made out of a flattened circuit board

8. Old escalators turned into a work of art

7. A wedding bouquet made from old comics

6. Pencils made out of old newspapers

5. This chair made out of old coins

4. Sheds made from old boats

3. A guitar built out of 1200 colored pencils

2. A bouquet made from steel cutlery

1. Library stools made out of old, discarded books

Have you ever tried to use old things in an unusual way?

Preview photo credit Knucklephuck / Reddit
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