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20 People Who Moved to 3017 While We’re Still in 2017

We live in the century of technological progress and scientific breakthroughs. Still, there are people among us who do not mind the laws of logic or physics and seem to be living in the distant future.

Bright Side could not ignore the inventiveness of such people and shares their craziest ideas with you.

20. In the future, we will have to save natural resources. Here is a life hack to avoid dishwashing.

19. The new generation of user pics

18. Inventive parents

17. Exclusive purely natural lemonade

16. Here's how to wash your hair and keep your makeup at the same time.

15. Life hack for cooks

14. Here's a suit for those who never betray their style.

13. Superfast scooter

12. The dogs of the future walk themselves.

11. Someone finally found a solution for how to deal with short cords.

10. Now it fits.

9. The future of the cheat sheet!

8. A man of genius is growing.

7. Sun protection

6. Do you also fall asleep in the subway and wake up when your head starts nodding? The solution is here.

5. Checkmate, toaster!

4. That's a wineglass I understand!

3. I asked Mom for a charger. She said, "Call for the dog." Mom is from 3017.

2. Of course, Japan is far ahead.

1. Sweet Heaven, we need a monument to this man!

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