20 simple but creative ways to have fun with your kids next winter

Winter is one of the favorite times of the year for children, and it’s not hard to understand why: they can make snow angels, build snow castles, play hockey, or battle it out in a snowball fight. And after all of these activities, they can come home and drink a mug of hot cocoa.

However, we at Bright Side know at least twenty other winter pastimes for kids that will save your house from being torn apart by those energetic little monsters.

  1. Make a street lantern out of snow. Make some snowballs, pile them up, and put a lantern inside your hill. Beautiful, isn’t it?
  1. Make ice balls with the help of balloons, water, and food dye.
  1. Build a geodesic dome out of cardboard. A little bonus is that it will take many hours of concentration and effort from your kid.
  1. Make a snow globe with your own hands. You can even put a picture of your kid in it. You will need some glycerin and a glass jar with a cap.
  1. Make some giant 3D snowflakes while watching real ones falling outside your window.
  1. Bring your kid’s favorite cartoon characters to life — it’s simple!
  1. No sled to slide down the ice hills? No worries — just make them yourself with a piece of cardboard and some duct tape!
  1. Make a popsicle of your own flavor.
  1. Or snowy candy with maple syrup.
  1. Another kind of fun: snowflake pancakes with cinnamon. They’re pretty and edible!
  1. Make colorful decorations out of ice and paint, just like these ones.
  1. While it’s cold outside, experiment with soap bubbles.
  1. Make an indoor campsite with a tent and everything. Don’t forget about the ’fire!’
  1. Mix some food dye with water, fill a spray gun with them, and paint a snowman!
  1. Or create a rainbow in the middle of winter.
  1. Look closely at the snow on the trees — you will see different shapes and can make them more obvious and colorful.
  1. If the weather is too harsh, then make snowmen inside where it’s warm.
  1. Surprise your kids with a hot chocolate magic trick. You will need soda, vinegar, and hot chocolate, of course.
  1. Light up the night with bright lanterns made out of water bottles and glow sticks.
  1. Melt some chocolate, dip a plastic spoon in it, and when the chocolate has cooled down a little, put some marshmallows, nuts, raisins, or coconut chips on it. Chocolate spoons for dessert after a winter walk are ready to serve.
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