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20 simple ways to turn your pillow into a masterpiece

A pillow is a man's best friend. On average, we spend one-third of our lives in its company. But pillows are not only good for sleep. They can become a great decoration in any interior. 

Bright Side collected for you some ideas on how to make a pillow for the soul.

Ancient Japanese style 'Shibori'

The Japanese know exactly what beauty is. Click here to find out how to make a pillow with this pattern, whether it is a sea or a space one. 

Natural patterns

See this photo tutorial if you want to have forest dreams.

Geometrical patterns

Geometrical patterns rule the world! To learn how to sew this pillow, click here. It's easy, believe us.


This pillow is really easy to make.


We heard that when sleeping on a handmade pillow we have the sweetest dreams. Especially when there's embroidery on it.

For those who don't like embroidery, but want this lovely pillow, we have this idea. Even your child can make it.


Ombré pillows are so beautiful that they'll never be out of fashion. Click here to make the same.


This idea will show you how to make a cool pillow and at the same time free up some space in the closet.


To sew this pillow is an easy thing. The hard thing is to stop eating cookies at night!


This pillow will satisfy your sweet tooth, and, by the way, it's easy to make.

Knitted pillow

A great idea for a present. Wanna know how to knit it? Click here.


Few people have such a stylish pillow.

Cute cactus

This tutorial will tell you how to have this lovely cactus in your home.


It's the simplest idea in the world to decorate your pillow like this.

Old shirts

Everyone has some worn-out shirts in the closet. You know, the ones you can't wear anymore but don't want to throw out. This idea gives them a second life.


It's such a pleasure to sleep on grass, especially if you made it yourself. Click here to have this pillow at home.


These roses are almost real, but unfortunately they don't smell like roses. To know how to make them, click here.


An extremely simple idea for making a pillow. See the details here.

A pocket for love notes

This pillow is meant for romantic people.


Click here to make a pillow for your loved ones.

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