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20 Things We Had No Idea We Could Use in a Different Way

Look around the house and you can find a whole bunch of things that are more useful than you think. Your old newspaper can help deodorize your fridge. If you lost your eraser, you can make a new one out of glue. You just need a little imagination...and a little know-how.

We at Bright Side love a good life hack, so we’re sharing a whole bunch of ways different items can be put to different uses.

1. If you’ve ever gotten one of these Chinese takeout boxes, remove the metal hanger and unfold it into a plate.

2. “Use heavy-duty paper clips to organize your freezer and stop the frozen peas avalanche.”

3. “Use a freezy pop as ice for your Kool-aid.”

4. An old shower ring or teething ring can help you keep track of your scrunchies.

5. Those clips from bread bags are the little organizers you never knew you needed.

6. “Need extra grip on your phone case? Use gel super glue to create grip strips.”

7. Your kids’ Lego minifigs can be used to help hold up cords around the house.

8. Old prescription bottles can help you organize a lot of things around the house.

9. Chopsticks can help you keep your hands clean while eating messy foods.

10. A rice cooker can help steam more than just rice.

11. Vegetable peelers can be used to slice cheese.

12. Hangers can help you declutter your shoe closet if you have boots.

13. If you don’t have compressed air, a stiff paintbrush can help you dust electronics.

14. If your jackets have any large pockets or even loose cuffs, you always have a drink holder.

15. A pair of sunglasses can be a smartphone stand on a rainy day.

16. Bobby pins can help you take care of those stubborn shoelaces.

17. Cover your sink with plastic wrap when shaving to help clean up the mess.

18. When eating in your car, you never have to worry about spilling sauce again.

19. “Using a Häagen-Dazs single-serve scooper for my daily moisturizer”

20. “When you’re at the beach, use little IKEA bags for storing your phone. It keeps the sand away and it works perfectly. It even detects the finger sensor.”

What are some other things you’ve found a surprising new use for? Please share them with us in the comments!

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