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20 Things We Hardly Know We’re Doing Wrong Every Day

Life seems so simple, especially once we realize that we somehow overcomplicate some of the simplest things we do every day. All it takes is a little imagination and a little “out of the box” thinking to save yourself a lot of trouble. You don’t need to make a mess peeling a boiled egg by hand without any help; just put it in some ice water. You’ve never realized just how easy life could be!

Bright Side has found a lot of surprising things you might be doing wrong all the time!

1. Peel an orange by unrolling it: just take a knife, cut the top and bottom of the orange, then cut a vertical slit on one slide.

2. Fold a bag of chips over itself to make a cute little bowl that’s easier to reach into.

3. When eating a cupcake, break off half of the bottom of the cake and place it on top, making it less messy to eat.

4. Hanging clothes side by side can help you save room.

5. Keep ice cream soft by placing it in a freezer-safe plastic bag instead of thawing or microwaving it after the fact.

6. When mopping the floor, wrap your shoes in cloth; that way, you help keep them dry and won’t have to worry about mopping yourself into a corner.

7. When using a band-aid, cut slits on the sides and fold them so that it wraps around the wound; this will keep it from falling off.

8. If you’re moving, you can use this method to easily transport all the clothes that you hang.

9. When hiding your writing, don’t cross it out with straight lines, write random letters over it instead so that it will be even harder to read.

10. When toasting bread, put it in the toaster on its horizontal side so that the whole slice cooks evenly.

11. A paper sheet can help you dig out those chips from the bottom of the can in a neat fashion. No more dumping them out or trying to squeeze your hand in a can.

12. Cup lids aren’t just for helping make your drinks portable; they are also handy coasters.

13. When packing clothes, rolling them up can help give you more space.

14. Don’t just dump your grocery bags in the cart when leaving the store, some carts come with loops to help hang them up.

15. Position your toilet paper roll to have the free end facing you; the original 1891 patent even says so!

16. Most cars often have an indicator on the gas gauge that shows where you have to look. This is especially helpful if you are borrowing someone’s car.

17. Use an extra piece of fabric that comes with new clothes to test laundry detergents and stain removers instead of risking ruining your clothes.

18. When using a measuring tape, don’t stretch it out manually. Hook from the flat end and pull; many ends even have a hole for nails and screws to be placed in.

19. Not all erasers are made equally. Use pink erasers for common writing mistakes. Blue erasers are meant for hard or rough paper.

20. Want to crush a can? Don’t bang your head! Press diagonally on the can, twist and push down.

Do you know any tricks that can help people make their lives easier? Is there something that people just keep doing wrong? Feel free to share your secrets with us.

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