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20 Tricks From Parents Who Want to Make Their Lives Easier

What parent doesn’t dream of raising their child as a free-thinking individual without wasting nerves and wallpaper?

Bright Side collected the latest advances in parental thinking that will help you to instill useful habits in your children, entertain them, protect them from dangerous situations, and train them to be orderly.

A freezer is the most secure place for candies, especially if you hide them in a pack of frozen vegetables.

A stability ball will develop correct posture and help restless children concentrate during classes.

Cut-outs in a ball allow babies to hold their bottle themselves.

Lego is an easy way to explain fractions.

And for those who are too young to learn fractions, there are zip bags filled with paint. An easy way to create and stay clean.

Transparent hanging organizers are perfect for storing small toys and other things.

A Cheerios necklace will entertain your kid in a supermarket while they're sitting in a shopping cart.

Adhesive velcro will help you securely attach your rug to the floor. It will be easy to vacuum the rug itself and the area under it.

If you take off the surrounding piece from a sticker sheet in advance, it will be much easier for your child to peel them off.

A laundry basket can be used to keep toys close to your child while bathing.

Attach two boxes of tissues — a full one and an empty one — to each other, and you’ll never have a problem with used tissues lying all around the house when your child has a cold.

To avoid glue stains all over the table or carpet, place a sponge in a plastic container and soak it with glue. Store it in a closed container.

A frozen pack of marshmallows can be used instead of ice: just put it on a bruise. Marshmallows are soft and not so cold.

It will be easier to comb Rapunzel's hair after washing it with dish soap and hair conditioner.

A plastic cup will save a kid's fingers from firework sparklers.

A DIY stool with an hourglass will replace standing in the corner.

Rolled tissue paper or a cotton ball will help you teach your child to hold a pencil properly.

Your child can take a bottle filled with shower gel and fluorescent stars that glow in the dark when going to bed and admire it while falling asleep.

A Kinder Surprise pack will save a lollipop until the next time.

If you’ve lost something you need — a phone charger, for example — turn your search into a fun quest with a map for your child.

Let your kids’ childhood be happy for them and easy for you!

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