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20+ Unexpected Uses for Green Tea and Matcha That Save the Day

Green tea is a beloved staple in Japanese culture that has become highly valued over the years for its health benefits and simplicity. It might surprise you to learn that green tea actually has a lot more uses other than being a tasty drink. Whether or not you use matcha powder or typical teabags, you can use it to help fight skin problems, fix your nails, improve your garden, and even help around the house. You don’t even have to drink green tea to reap some of its benefits!

Bright Side has collected a list of some of the most surprising uses for green tea you should try. Don’t miss our useful bonus at the end of the article.

1. Soothe sunburns and other skin irritations.

Aloe vera is usually the go-to cure for sunburns, but green tea can help too! Containing properties that help with inflammation, people afflicted with sunburns just need to soak a clean piece of cloth in some cooled green tea and apply it to the burnt area.

2. Fix broken nails using the bag.

If you break a nail, a dry tea bag can help you fix things in a pinch. Apply a base coat to the crack in the nail and the tea bag can help soak up any excess. This trick can help fuse the nail back together.

3. Fighting odors around your house

Unused tea bags can also be used to eliminate odors around your house, ranging from your refrigerator, trash, shoes, and even your underwear drawer.

4. Cleaning grease off dirty dishes

Even used tea bags can be put to further use! Used bags can be used to remove grease off of dirty dishes. They are basically little sponges!

5. Add to your cleaning water for a boost.

Green tea can actually help with a lot of household chores. You can add it to your mop water when cleaning wooden floors. You can also use cooled tea to clean furniture. You can even put it in a spray bottle to clean glass.

6. Make a base for your potpourri.

Not only can green tea help you clean around the house, but it’s also a treat for the nose! Using green tea leaves as a base, you can make potpourri. Just add whatever dried herbs, flowers, and oils you like to it.

7. Helping your compost heap

As long as the cloth it is stored in is biodegradable, green tea bags can also be used to help your everyday compost heap.

8. Saving your plants from overhydrating

As every gardener knows, there is such a thing as plants getting too much water. Green tea bags can also help to absorb water if placed at the bottom of your soil, meaning that plants will be protected from excess moisture and overall moisture will be more efficiently redistributed over time.

9. Improve your oral health.

We all know that coffee and soda can stain your teeth, but green tea can actually help your dental health as long as you drink it unsweetened. Thanks to molecules called catechins, drinking one cup of green tea a day can even lower your chances of losing your teeth. If anything, tea can help wean you off soda!

10. Make your own mouthwash.

Believe it or not, green tea-based toothpaste and mouthwash actually exist. You can even use green tea to make your own homemade mouthwash.

11. Reduce bleeding on a fresh wound.

If you suffer from a cut, green tea can help manage the damage. The tannins found in green tea help stop bleeding by coagulating the blood. In the event you somehow cut yourself, all you need to do is place a cool, used tea bag or gauze dipped in cooled tea on the bleeding area to calm the gash.

12. Lose weight while you sleep.

Green tea can be prepared in a way that does not contain calories. While it is already known to aid in weight loss, especially when you drink it in place of a sugary drink, green tea can also help you lose weight while you sleep! It is generally suggested to drink the tea 2 hours before you go to bed in order to see its effects.

13. Help protect your skin against harmful rays.

This trick works whether you drink the green tea or not! When consumed, green tea can delay aging, protect us from UV rays, improve skin tone, and even reduce acne. It can also be used topically as an exfoliator and to treat oily skin while still providing the benefits it gives when consumed.

14. Reducing puffiness around your eyes using teabags

In the movies, people just love putting cucumber slices on their eyes to calm puffiness and treat bags, but used teabags can provide the same results. Although they’re supposed to be heated beforehand, they should be cooled down before using.

15. Making a dye with natural coloring

If you ever need to give something a greenish color, whether it be Easter eggs or fabric, dunking it in heated green tea can be a safe and cheap alternative to conventional dyes. It’s also a nifty way to preserve eggs. That being said, a little extra matcha is suggested to create a real green color.

16. Clean, rinse, and condition your hair.

Green tea can be your hair’s best friend. Soak green tea bags in water and you can get yourself an easy hair rinse or conditioner. You can even use green tea to help make yourself a shampoo!

17. Soften wrinkles and the effects of aging.

Green tea can also help with the effects of aging thanks to its antioxidants. Soak a paper towel in green tea and apply it to your face. Fashion icon Norma Kamali swears by it.

18. Clean stains out of your carpet.

If you think you can’t fight stains with more mess, then you’re clearly underestimating the power of green tea. All you need to do is put some moist green tea leaves on a stain and vacuum the spot after letting it sit. The tea leaves will attract dust and dirt, making the clean-up way easier.

19. Green tea can also help make your nails stronger.

If you have issues with your nails, soaking them in some green tea essential oil once a week can help them grow stronger, shinier, and even improve their color.

20. Make your own green tea slime!

Slime is the toy you wish you grew up with unless of course, you actually did. You can use matcha to help make your own slime that has a vibrant green color. Mix organic matcha green tea powder with psyllium husk powder and some water. Whisk and microwave the concoction. Soon, you’ll have organic slime that you can actually eat (although, we suggest you just play with it)!

21. Tea bags can even be used to fight rust.

Wiping your pots and pans with a damp, used tea bag can help keep them rust-free as the tannins in the tea form a protective layer that prevents oxidation.

22. Make a nice, soothing green tea bath.

A nice, warm bath is an easy way to relieve stress, but baths can dry out your skin. Adding green tea to your bath can give you the fun of a bath with the addition of skincare. Just add 6 teabags to the water and wait 20 minutes for the tea to brew.

You can also brew the tea beforehand to speed things up. Another fun addition could be to add milk or honey, just like in the tea you drink! Using matcha will help turn your bathwater a nice, green color.

Bonus: Protect your home against pests using tea’s aroma.

Mice are said to hate the smell of tea, so hiding used teabags in areas prone to mice like cupboards or pantries will especially help deter mice away. Saturating the bags with peppermint essential oil is also recommended to help repel spiders and ants as well.

Have you ever used green tea in an outside-of-the-box way? Let us know if you’ve tried any of these ideas yourself!

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